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The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler

Disappointment Can Always be Overcome by Ponies

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Well, I found out the other day that what was planned to be the highlight of my summer was no longer going to be possible. Last summer, I had the privilege of training a pony for my stable. His name is formal name is Casanova, but we call him Shadow and he was bought from a meat auction. He was purchased as a 7 year old stallion, and we found out that he had been bred before, and had been mishandled and abused, and had never had a saddle on his back. After being gelded (thank goodness), he was brought to the school, and given to me to work with. He started out being afraid of anyone who lifted a hand around his head, and kicking out at anyone who tried to touch his hind legs.

By the end of my three months with him, he could be touched and handled with hardly any spooking, could do all his basic work under saddle, and was starting to jump small fences. He was by far the most gentle and well-behaved pony I have ever had the pleasure of riding. He went into the school for the winter and has progressed so well. When I was home to ride over Christmas break, we were jumping full courses of little jumps. The highlight of my summer was going to be to take him to his first horse show.

Unfortunately, a friend's horse came up with an injury and as a replacement, my coach suggested she show Shadow. So yesterday, my Shadow pony made his debut with another rider. And as disappointed as I was that it wasn't me riding, I couldn't remain so. HE WAS A STAR!! He didn't bat an eyelash at the different barn or the different horses or the scary decorations on the jumps.

So here he is, Shadow ridden by my friend Emily<3

And then I got to Spend some time with my other guy, Tobasco, who is my pride and joy.

I love my boys so much! They just make all the cares of the world go away...and I just can't help showing them off

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  1. IJustMadeThatUp's Avatar
    Congratulations! It looks like you did a fantastic job with him
  2. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Hehehe Shadow has mule ears =)
    They're both beautiful. Obviously.
    Those who rescue horses are angels, literally. Nice work on him.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    So sweet Classic. Too bad for the disappointment, but there will be other successes and accomplishments in the future for you. I know there will. He's a gorgeous horse.
  4. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    Thank you all!

    Becca SSSHHHHH!! I try to pretend that he doesn' don't see them when his HUGE forelock isn't should see him move though! The photos don't do him justice! Thank you though
  5. kevinthediltz's Avatar
    The joy that you show with your horses is just beautiful.
  6. a_little_wisp's Avatar
    -- And your boys love you! You are a beautiful person, Classic, truly!! And Shadow looks fantastic!! <3
  7. pussnboots's Avatar
    handsome looking horses!!!
  8. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    Thank you!
  9. Joreads's Avatar
    Wow Charm what lovely photos. It looks like you did an amazing job