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Height of my life

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The height of my life
And the world falls into pieces
An old demon from the ashes arises
Drowning me in bloodstained water

A knot in the stomach
I rip and tear
At my own flesh
To rid of it

A blank stare etched upon a blank face
Scars echo a 6 year weight
Hung from my neck
A noose of wire

I bear the brand of a coward
This coward will dance with feet dangling


  1. skib's Avatar
    Well that definitely doesn't sound happy. Then again, it never does, with you. Am I reading too deep?
  2. kevinthediltz's Avatar
    No my life truned to **** in about 45 seconds. And not because of the red head. Or any girl for that matter.
    Just ****. But I'm gonna deal with it as best I can. It will be over soon enough.
  3. skib's Avatar
    Gotcha. Assuming you still have a job, it should work out fine.