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Journo's List


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Norman Music Festival. Amazing. If all of you were from Norman, I would leave it at that. Unfortunately I think the majority of you missed out. But that is ok, because I am here to fill you in!!!

Norman Music Festival is/was a free all day musical event (obviously) on 12 different stages all along Main Street. That is the boring part.

Any fans of OF MONTREAL?!?!?! No?! Yes?! No doubt there are. Well they performed on the Main stage on Main (ha!). They performed so......aah, it was brilliant. Of course they had elaborate costumes and the music seemed to be better live(which is hard to accomplish for a lot of musicians). I ended up front row center stage. How do you like that! It was a fabulous show and I know have a crush on Kevin Barnes, the singer/guitarist.

Other performances that are worth mentioning are: Man Man, The Uglysuit and the Starlight Mints(local Norman band). All you music lovers or people searching for new bands, check out The Starlight Mints. They are amazing performances.