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I have to take this class called Wellness Through Leisure and this week we had to read all these different articles about different research that was done on various different aspects of Leisure and really most of it is a bloody waste of time. I end up skimming through half of the articles because most of them just prattle on for an unnecessary amount of pages and do not really reveal anything useful.

You know how every now and than there will be some new study about this or that or the other thing that they will talk about on TV that some researcher got like a millions dollar grant to do, but than when they tell you about the study, you just think to yourself WTF was it really necessary to officially study that?

Most these studies really just find a way to put into complicated jargon, something that anyone with a brain and common sense already knows.

So the article I just had to read was this 17 page paper which ultimately came to the conclusion that when a person associates positive emotions with an "episode" (as they called it) than they will get more satisfaction from it than if they experience negative emotions.

And I just think to myself I wonder how much money they got to pull that out of their arse.

I mean seriously are researchers just a bunch of potheads that sit around trying to think of ways they can get lots of money to do absolutely nothing of any use or value?

Instead of wasting their time trying to take simple obvious things and make them sound complicated why don't they to resolve, actual, complicated, real problems?

Maybe some crap could actually get accomplished if people who are suppose to be intelligent didn't sit around writing papers on things like why breathing is good for you.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Wellness Through Leisure? Sounds like an excuse for laziness. This is a colloge class? Good God. You must be going to one of these really Liberal schools. Does the professor come to class in barefeet and sandels? Seriously some of the crap that they teach in college is really highway robbery. You paid for this class. Are you getting your money's worth?
  2. Dark Muse's Avatar
    It is an online class, and that is what I thought at first, but it really is not that bad. The definition of leasiure in the course is not just being a couch potato. It is about different ways of coping with stress, and varrious different alterntive, fun activites you can do, opposed to just going to the gymn, but about sports/hobbies/acitvities, that people enjoy which do have other health benfits. But it is about more than just physcial asepcts of health.