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Audio Books

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(lots of free stuff too)

If anyone has other links/suggestions please share.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I love audio books Opti. I read along while listening. I get so entertained that way, I read and listen to an professional reader and it goes so much faster than my reading alone. Thanks for this Opti. I find that Amazon has very good prices but I also look at audio editions if they have any deals: and audiobooks: and Recorded Books: Recorded books has a rental deal where yuo rent them, but I have never tried it. Borders and Barnes and Noble also have deals too. Those are the ones I try. I don't know what's available over across the Atlantic.
  2. Silas Thorne's Avatar
    There's some audio recordings of Richard Brautigan's poetry and writing here:
  3. optimisticnad's Avatar
    Thank you for the links.

    I find audio books offer an interpretation of the book, i was listening to the awakening and the nuances of the reader's voice gave away the meaning of what was being said.

    I would strongly recommend professional readers but my advice is don't get carried away by celebrity names - i mean actual hollywood people, i came across this recently, seems like yet another money making scheme.