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It's an octopus that hides the Easter eggs...

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I love weekends. They are completely devoted to nothing--but I always end up doing something. At the moment, I am trying to recover from the massive intake of food. Man, when I think about the meal I just demolished, my mouth starts salivating. What is a real Easter meal? I was just curious, because my mom and I cooked classic Mexican food. Carne Asada, queso Asadero with scallions, beans, homemade salsa and guac...oh man. PLUS! My mom made the best bread pudding in the world. I feel like napping, but I have to return to my recent creation.

Octopus. I mentioned this in my last post, but ocotpuses are way cool. I love the way my mind automatically attributes a certain texture to them, even though it is most likely the opposite sensation. I think the very first octopus had too many dreams or interests or things to do and that is why they have so many tentacles. Pretty nifty creatures. I guess I should attribute my interest in octopus to my nautical upbringing. My dad being in the Navy and growing up mainly on an American coast. Although I can't really say Oklahoma counts, despite it having more coastal area when combining all of the lakes and ponds.

M. Anarchy