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I have not posted a blog in foreversssssssss.
So, for updates, I have already bragged about this enough but I am advancing to regionals in Literary Criticism for UIL.

I took 6th place in Ready Writing for UIL and I am an alternate.

I just started writing again, I am loving every milisecond of it. I have not done it in so long that I just started pouring on to a paper and I can not stop now. I even found myself writing in the middle of Spanish class.

I have a new friend!!! He is gay!! He is also a theatre kid!! (Do not ask why his sexual orientation is relevant...)

Tomorrow is EASTER and I get to wear my new dress!!! I baked the purtiest cake you will ever see. It's adorable!

I am starting to become rather fond of The Sound and the Fury, I do not hate it as much as I used to. Now that we are doing the socratic seminar over it, I am falling in love with it (A Tale of Two Cities is still my favorite).

I saw Les Miserables with my English class last Wednesday. IT WAS AMAZING!! My favorite musical. I balled like a baby. I am going to start reading the book. I am so excited. It was just wonderfully done. My favorite characters were Javert and the Thénardiers (it is kind of a given that everyone loves Valjean).

I am also going to see RENT, Fiddler on the Roof, The Phantom of the Opera (for my birthday), and The Producers! I told my mother that I would be spending more time at The Hobby Center than I would at my home.

Um, I do not have anything that is really philisophical for me to ponder about right now. Perhaps sometime soon I can find something that will make me question something serious in life - however, I will maintain my current status as the silly, little girl with the silly, little blog that is just full of random things.

Well, I am about to watch a horror movie with my poppa bear and my momma bears spades partner. OH I did whoop a*s at spades tonight! OH even better, is it a little awkward that I am watching horror movies the night before Easter?

Hmmm....Oh well, it does not really have an impact on my life. I just feel that I am violating some sort of social code or something. Hmm...Perhaps that is something I can ponder in my next blog.

Well, have a good Easter, weekend, day, night or whatever.

Love with candy-appled hearts,


  1. sprinks's Avatar
    I can feel your excitement! . Such fast paced writing. Anywho, congrats on all the good things . All the shows sound cool too. And when I saw the title of this entry, I swore it said "Eqack!" like some weird "quack" .
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Once you get the feel of The Sound and the Fury, once you are grounded in it, it begins to make enormous sense and it becomes one of the great novels of all time. Oh you should read the last part, the Dilsey section for Easter. It is a perfect read for Easter Day. If I can find my copy easily, I may read it mysef. Nice to hear from you Eaquality, and congrats on the Lit Criticism competition. You must explain it to me one day; I don't fully understand. Happy Easter.
  3. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    ! You sound busy and having fun!!! I'm jealous!
  4. Equality72521's Avatar
    Haha. Thanks. Equack would have been a bit more catchy. I will keep that in mind for the next blog entry.

    I actually started reading Dilseys section this morning.

    And Lit Crit is odd. I honestly couldn't tell you why they actually call it that because you aren't criticising anything. You are really just taking a test of your knowledge of literature, like Nobel & Pulitzer prize winners and different writers and lit terms as well as poetry. You also have to read a book and a play and know it well enough to be "tested" over it. Its just a test over literature.