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Ok, so weíve established I love literature. Did you know I am also a movie addict? Yes I am! This is one addiction I wonít be seeking a cure for. On average I watch four movies a week, on the internet, at the cinema, filmfour, sky, LOVEfilm, I could go on.

Most of the time I watch good quality stuff, absolute essentials in the film world, like Shakespeare in the literature world. However, sometimes I do succumb to popular tastes Ė like most recently Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Iíve compiled a list below of films I would like to see, or see again. I intend to blog about them too, I would love to know your opinions. Even if you have none, like me - Iím not a movie critic and film modules at university donít count, sometimes it is just enough to watch something great; just like when you read something great but lack the full knowledge and expertise to analyse it to bits.

Iíd like to see more of Michelangelo Antonioni (dir), Iíve only seen Blown Up which was absolutely fantastic! Incredibly clever. By some strange twist of fate he died on the same day as Ingmar Bergman Ė famous Swedish director, son of a priest and yet heís films are renowned for their Ďlargely spare and stark aesthetic, an existential framework, and plots driven by a fascination with death and the moral torments of the human soulí. Iíve only seen Winter Light, The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries. Here on youtube you will find BBC Four documentary on the man, here is part one of four (the other parts should be easy to find) :

- Through a Glass Darkly (Bergman)
- The Silence (Bergman)
- Cries and Whispers (Bergman)
- Sophieís Choice
- The White Countess (starring Ralph Fiennes, one of my favourite actors)
- The Passenger (Antonioni)
- The Eclipse (Antonioni)
- The Adventure (Antonioni)
- Doctor Zhivago (David Leanís version, I love this film! Itís beautiful)
- The bridge on the river kwai (david lean, one of those movies everyone talks about but Iíve never seen, doesnít seem like my cup of tea)
- Blue Velvet (David Lynch, one of those films always thrown into an undergraduate film module!)
- 2001: A Space Odyssey (Iíve only ever seen clips)
- The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover (Peter Greenaway)
- The Quarrel (1992, amazon describes it as: A chance reunion of two Holocost survivors - one a Hasidic Jew, the other a skeptical journalist who has turned his back on religion - leads to a searing probe of good and evil and an ultimate test of faith and redemption)
- Something by Andrei Tarkovsky, a Russian director recommended to me by a friend Ė any suggestions anyone?
- The Crying Game (1992, Iím sure weíve all seen this but donít give away the plot to those who haven't!)
- The 400 blows (1959)
- The Chatterley Affair (2006. Amazon: Ďa docudrama based on the obscenity trial held in October 1960 over D.H. Lawrence's book, Lady Chatterley's Loverí)
- Incantato (2003, a shy older man falls in love with a blind woman, friends who have seen this tell me it has the best love scene ever Ė sensitive, touching, romantic, eroticÖmust see this!)
- The Lives of Others (2006 Oscar winner for best foreign movie, a close friend lent me the dvd, I got to the end and rewound it immediately and watched it all over again. Compelling!
- Hitchcock! Canít forget him. Iíve only seen a handful Ė Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, The Birds, Frenzy and North by Northwest (annoying ending or what!)


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    If you don't like Bridge Over the River Kwai in the first 30 minutes then stop otherwise I believe it is well worth the time.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Did not know that. Well, you sound like a movie person. I prefer literature though. You should talk to Janine about films. She's an addict too.
  3. sprinks's Avatar
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them - I'm aiming to work in the media industry so it's always good knowing what people like about films
  4. Michael T's Avatar
    Have you seen Krzysztof Kieslowski's 'The Three Colours Trilogy'? Three films: 'Blue' 'White' and 'Red'. French with sub titles. You won't be disapointed. My favorites are 'Blue' and 'Red' Some haunting music too.
  5. DanielBenoit's Avatar
    Nice to meet somebody who likes Bergman You pretty much listed my three favorite films from him.

    You MUST see 2001: A Space Odyssey, my favorite film of all time.

    As far as Tarkovsky goes, he is a great director, but one must be quite experienced in art cinema before coming to him. He's quite difficult and rather tedious for the average filmgoer. But his slow and contemplative pacing is just my cup of tea so I highly reccomend The Mirror.

    Btw, if you like Bergman and Antonini, check out Fellini.

    The 400 Blows was great as well. A masterpiece of the French New Wave.