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Cave Man

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I don't know why I put "Cave Man" as the title, but in the moment I typed it in it felt good.

It has been FOREVER since I've been on--or at least a long time.

FIVE MORE WEEKS. And then the semester will be over. Thank goodness. I've decided that I really--And I Mean Really-- don't like economics. It is interesting, but I can't stand it. I had my second microeconomics exam today and I am feeling pretty good about it. First time I've felt good about anything in awhile. Even though the end of my first year in college is coming to an end, I am still sticking with my major. Apparently that is pretty rare. Or so I am told. I was close to changing though, but I am pretty happy with the way things are turning out.

Has anyone read Valis by Philip K. Dick? Or The Cheese Monkey by Chip Kidd? A friend told me about Valis and it sounds interesting. I just found out that he is the same writer of Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly and Paycheck! I had no idea. And I started the first chapter of The Cheese Monkey at work the other day. I guess the writer is coming down to OU to discuss it, but I wasn't sure if anyone else has read his stuff or whatever.

Lets see--I've become incredibly inspired by octopus' and jellyfish recently. I don't know what it is about them, but all of my recent paintings/drawings have some design element based on these sea creatures. I really want to paint a pair of shoes with a cool octopus design...but I'm backed up with so many other things. It is sad.

OK. I need some advice. Male or female. Both perspectives are welcome. I guess I should give some background information on it though....

So it all started with some fool pulling the fire alarm in my building two weeks ago. I 'evacuated' with my roomie and suite-mate and we headed to a small convenience market across the street. I was just in my jammies (1 a.m!) and super sleepy. Because of my sleep deprived state, I wasn't conscious of my manners and yawned deeply and openly. And this really, really cute boy was staring at me and started laughing. I just shrugged it off and laughed as well--I think I may have apologized...anyways, I've seen the guy around my building and campus--and I'm pretty sure he has seen me before. We did one of those awkward 'move out of the way' dances a few days ago. And the most I've ever said to him was "Excuse me, sorry...uhh, thanks!" Should I go introduce myself? Should I extend the olive branch of friendship first? I can't work up the courage, but I really like him--and its sad because I don't even know his name, but he just seems really cool. Ugh, thats my problem. I don't know where to go from "Excuse me, sorry...uhh, thanks!".

I think that is about all that has happened since the last time I posted...sad, but it seems that homework has completely taken over my life.

Thanks for any help!!


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Hi Mortis. Nice to see you again. I can see how economics can be tedious. That firealarm story was interesting. What you should have said back to that boy was, "well aren't you sleepy at this hour?" and hope the conversation continues. If you ask him a question, you've put the ball in his court. Then he's got the option of (1) returning with an answer and a question to you, (2) curtly answering and walking away, or (3) shyly blushing and being flabergasted. But you made a move and that's all one can do. When you want a conversation to continue, ask a question or two.

    Sorry about homework, but that's college. What did you expect, not to have to do any work?
  2. Mortis Anarchy's Avatar
    Haha, I actually expected more. Thats ok though, I actually enjoy it, as weird as it seems.

    Thanks for the help Virg!