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The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler

My On and Off Relationship with Precipitation

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I have very mixed feelings in regard to rain. That is to say, my relationship with it is extremely conditional.

The simple fact that the little bit of rain we got here today results in my having an ice pack on each knee puts a slight damper on my opinion of the...well...damp.

But how to explain my feelings? I suppose I should go from the most mild to the most severe. That seems logical in this most useless of ramblings.

The most mild would of course be mist. What is mist, exactly? If anyone knows, please share the knowledge around. I have no idea, nor have I the slightest inclination of its purpose or usefulness. Really, it seems like a waste of time and effort on behalf of the clouds if you ask me. It's not enough water to be of use to any sort of vegetation, and it only results in dangerous fog and the utter rebellion of my hair against the normative conformities of curls. As a side note, I must mention that it is extremely likely that my hair is a major factor in my response to precipitous conditions. It's a girl thing, to which I am unfortunately subject.

Mist is the kind of thing that isn't enough water to drench the hair so I look like a drowned cat, as would be reasonably acceptable. Nope. It's just enough to send my head into a frenzy, as though the frizz faeries have com at me from all angles and taken each strand of hair in a different direction. I look like a mad scientist. And I'm cold to boot. Bad News. This rain is like that irritating girl in the seat behind you in the movies who talks just loud enough the whole time to spoil the whole thing. She's not loud enough that anyone will tell her to be quiet, but she's just enough to ruin the experience.

Then, I suppose, comes the light rain, or drizzle, as it were. That's what we've got today. You know how it is- warm air, a blanket of thick silver clouds wrapped around the sky, just enough water to darken the sidewalk pavement. This kind of rain I don't mind, as long as I have nowhere to go. This is the kind of rain that makes me want to stay huddled up in a ball in bed, drinking hot tea and reading all day. If the earth gets to be wrapped in it's own cloudy quilt, why can't I? The weather and I, on these days, are old friends, the comfortable kind of friends, curled up in bed together, silent and content to let the day pass in a haze.

But everyone knows this sort of thing can only last for a day. After one day, you have to get out of bed and get some work done. After one day, that rain had better be gone before it makes a mud pit of the campus I call home for many hours each day. My shoes don't appreciate this much either.

Ooh now we get to summer rain. Who couldn't love summer rain? Soft, warm drops kissing your face and turning the world a lush shade of emerald. This is when one thing and one thing only is appropriate: dancing. Yes. This is the one time when it is best to forget everything, go out into the brilliance, and become one with the gleeful laughter of summer raindrops filling the air. Of course, having a partner is better for this, but if all else fails, get out there, and tell everyone what they're missing. "What a glorious feeling! I'm happy again!" Gene Kelly understood!

The laughter fades to gloom when Mother Nature is feeling disgruntled and uncorks the bottle of heavy rain upon us. She builds a steel wall around everything and drowns the day in waves of oppressive rain which choke out the plants, strip trees of their leafy dress, and leave every person or animal unfortunate enough to have to brave the weather looking rather indistinguishable. In fewer words: we all look like dogs that fell in the river. I don't much like looking like a drowned dog, thank you very much.

And finally, we get to the lovers' quarrel of precipitation. The thunder storm. The glorious, wondrous thunderstorm. What's not to love, I ask you? Can one propose a more peaceful yet exhilarating experience than lying in the dark, listening to the passionate argument of a thunder storm? The thunder resounds its jealous displeasure with a possessive rumbling and desperate crack. The lightning furiously flushes the sky, shielding its insecurity in a midnight sun that blinds with its unbridled intensity and frustration. The quarrel is only resolved when all that is left is the deep, breathy sigh of thick raindrops, the apologetic whisper of wind through the dense heated air, and the comforting, enveloping arms of the familiar silver sky.

Who would have thought that one weather phenomenon could have such a varied effect on one's emotions and response toward it? Am I the only one that thinks this much about rain? Somehow I doubt it, though I think others may disagree with my romantic notions about thunderstorms. They clearly haven't paid enough attention.

It's sad that my relationship with precipitation is dependent on so many specific conditions. I suppose that makes me high-maintenance! Oh well.

Rain can just love me or leave me!


  1. prendrelemick's Avatar
    I can relate to all of this.
    If there's one thing we English understand its rain.
  2. skib's Avatar
    You should be bored and write all the time! That was beautifully written.
    Being from Colorado, either I don't get to see enough of this precious commodity of rain, or we get weeks and weeks of nothing but . . . mist. Mist and mud. So I guess I have the same love/hate relationship with precipitation as well.
    I agree with your assessment of the thunderstorm! In my opinion, there is nothing more humbling or welcome than a Rocky Mountain thunderstorm rolling in at the end of a long hot day.
  3. BienvenuJDC's Avatar
    Now I want to go sit in the rain...oh, wait!!'s 37 deg F (for those in metric lands...about 5 degrees C)...I think not tonight. Your blog was lovely...thank you...I'll dream of a warm summer rain. You didn't mention the wonderful smell of rain...but I can smell it now...and even taste it. Did you realize that rain has a certain taste? ...not the drops, but the air... I'm off to bed for sweet, drizzle dreams...
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Hehe, I've never known anyone to analyze rain before. I guess mist is water molecules that are so small their momentum is low enough to not cause them to fall as fast. If that makes sense. Interesting meditation Classic.
  5. Mathor's Avatar
    come on with the rain
    i'm ready for love!

    I'm so glad you put that musical in there. Still really spot-on with your blogging. I love rain when I have nothing to do and nowhere to go, and I can just sit and watch from inside and say "Well I would go out and do something to do but it's raining". But as you said, it's the unexpected rain that comes when you've had lots of good plans that form the aforementioned love-hate relationship that all have with rain.
  6. Joreads's Avatar
    Charm it has been raining here for a few weeks. Now no self respecting Aussie would ever complain about the rain here but I tell you I am about at the end of my rope with it. The sun is out today so I will be ready for the next down pour by tomorrow.