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Avatars Uncensored

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I find it interesting to see all of the Avatars that everyone has chosen. As I get to know each of you a little, it intrigues me even more as to why each of you have chosen your Avatars. Here I go first.

This is a depiction of Jean Valjean, the main character in the book Les Miserables. Bienvenu (which in some languages closely resembles the word for 'Welcome') was a minor character, the Bishop of Digne. The Bishop had a profound effect on the ex-convict Valjean by bestowing his hospitality on him. Valjean dedicated his life to virtue and serving others. Bienvenu and Valjean are both an inspiration to how I live my life.

I chose this particular depiction for its simplicity and humility that I saw in it. I hope that I can someday fulfill that in my life.

Okay...your turn!!


  1. kevinthediltz's Avatar
    Interesting blog there bienvenu.
    My avatar is a small picture of an amazing sunrise that I saw off my front porch.
  2. Dark Muse's Avatar
    I was trying to find an avatar that fit my user name as well as myself. I usually always incoperate both dark and pagan elements in my avatars. So my avatar could be some underworld muse, or a some etheral being, or a vampire, or some dark goddess
  3. higley's Avatar
    Cool idea there, Bienvenu. That's a lot of thought you put into it.

    I chose mine from one of my favorite paintings by Norman Rockwell. Curiously I think it began to represent me pretty well, except I've never gotten a black eye.
  4. skib's Avatar
    My avatar is a tree on a foggy/rainy day (in case that is unclear in any way)
    Online, I don't really want my real identity known by anyone I don't know in person. The tree is shrouded in mist and creates a feeling of comfortable mystery, kind of like how I am told I come off to people that don't know what a goofball I am.

    This was a very good idea of a post, Bienvenu!
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Well my avatar is a wolf running at night in a mysterious setting. That says it all.
  6. skib's Avatar
    I've always been a fan of your avatar, Virg.
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    I've always been a fan of your avatar, Virg.
    Thanks Bien. Several people have told me the same.
  8. Niamh's Avatar
    My avatar is a painting by Brian Froud. I chose it because of my love of mythology, legends and faerie folklore.
  9. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    My avatar is a zebra... because I love zebras... I rock the zebra print in at least one item of clothing nearly every day.
  10. mtpspur's Avatar
    I am a huge comic book fan and mine is the Blackhawk symbol from Quality/DC Comics Blackhawk series (from the 50s). After Batman, Blackhawk and Adam Strange were tied as my favorite comic heroes (pre-Marvel's Spiderman and Avengers etc.) I'm so computer illiterate I had to get Litnet moderator Logos to put it up for me.
  11. a_little_wisp's Avatar

    (I love Brian Froud too, Niamh!)

    This is the picture the avatar is from - I didn't make the avatar, someone else did (very talented!). When I first saw it though, I just... loved it. I've always loved Card Captor Sakura, I've always been very little in size, and I'd like to save the world? I don't know. I've always been the daydreamy sort, and the picture just... said it all. That and... the smallest motion, the smallest dance upon the water can cause the biggest ripples. And Tolkien has taught us that maybe the smallest person can help change the world.
  12. sprinks's Avatar
    Mine are my stripey knee high socks . I took the photo when I was at camp last year - I was fascinated with the contrast between these man-made bright socks, and the earthy, natural environment. I love both things, and took a photo of them together. They're so very different, yet somehow they work.

    Also I love knee high socks
  13. skib's Avatar
    Yeah for knee socks!
  14. PoeticPassions's Avatar
    Mine took my breath away when I saw it. It is a painting titled "Flamenco Dancer II"... it represents passion, lust, and sensuality for me... which is something that represents me well. Additionally, I love dancing... I wish I could dance the flamenco.

    I LOVE the idea behind your avatar Bien... I am currently reading Les Miserables and am about 2/3 through... it is quite amazing. What a character Jean Valjean is! I have always strived to be somewhat like him in his generosity and compassion...
  15. IJustMadeThatUp's Avatar
    Poetic - I've always loved your avatar

    Virgil - I really like yours, the colours always make me think it is some kind of aquatic wolf

    Sprinks - I think yours represents you very well, a bright rainbow on a grey day

    Bien - Now that you've explained the reason for yours, it fits you very well You were the first person here to make me feel welcome and for that I thank you

    Mine is just... well... me? I suppose it could represent my love of nature? I didn't really think about it too much when I chose it.