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The (not so) Inner Whinings of an Impatient Rambler

Say Hello to my Vicious Temper

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Why is anger so intense?

I have the pleasure of living with my best friend. We've been friends since the second grade, and I don't know how to get through my days without her. Needless to say, if anything ever happened to her, I would personally hunt down whoever had hurt or offended her and by the time I was done with them, they would regret being alive.

I have been absolutely furious all day today because of what happened to her last night, and quite frankly I could not care less if I'm being completely ridiculous, which I'm sure that I'm not. To be honest, everything else that could possibly have gone wrong today did as well, but that doesn't even compare.

Here's what happened. My friend/ roommate (whose name is Erin) is in probably the most difficult program this university has to offer. There are only thirty people taking this major, and they all failed a midterm last night so they decided to hang out and then go out to the bars. Erin had too much to drink. It happens. So by the time she got to the bar, she was only with the group for about half an hour before she was in need of the restroom, where she proceeded to pass out. When she came to and left the bathroom, all her friends and her stuff were gone. The bar was closed.

She had been unconscious in the bathroom for 2 hours. No one noticed she was gone. No one went to look for her. When her friends decided it was time to leave, they should she had gone home with someone, and that she had left all her stuff at the bar, so they took it. Her coat, keys, and cell phone. It was in the negative temperatures last night and she was not wearing anywhere close to enough to keep her warm in those temperatures.

So Erin stumbles out of the bar to the street where the Magic Bus comes. The Magic Bus is a free late night bus service that takes all the drunks home. Those bus drivers are the best people in the world. So Erin gets on the bus, where she happens to come across one of her friends, who lends her his coat until he has to get off the bus. He leaves her alone on the bus at which point some creeper lends her his coat and proceeds to start kissing her. Thank God the bus driver put a stop to that, brought her to our doorstep, and waited until she had pounded on the door enough to wake me up and was in the house for me to take care of her.

Now let me be clear: I give Erin the full responsibility for drinking so much. That was dumb. But it happens. But...


It's been eating at me all day. I can never forgive people who do things like this. Ever.

Thank God she's okay.


  1. LadyWentworth's Avatar
    That was just all so uncalled for. I mean, I can't understand how someone wouldn't have been a little worried about her when she hadn't come back, or better yet, when they see that her things are still there but she isn't. I can't understand how someone didn't look for her. OK. So they thought there was a possibility that she'd left with someone. Alright. But why would she leave all of her stuff there? Forgive me, but things like that irritate the hell out of me. It is just downright stupid what they did, and I can't stand it when people are like that.
  2. kilted exile's Avatar
    ok, that is pretty ****ed. But what about the bar-staff & other people going in and out of the washroom - seriously no-one mentions "hey, there's a girl out in here"

    You are lucky the bus driver was good, that could've turned out real bad
  3. kevinthediltz's Avatar
    Oh thats terrible. How can someone not notice that?
    Thank god for that bus driver.
  4. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    I don't even know why they'd think she left with someone. She's been in a serious relationship for a long time now, and they all knew that, so I really don't see that as being a viable excuse either.

    Yeah, Kilted, I wondered that also.
  5. Mathor's Avatar
    THAT MAKES ME REALLY MAD. These people are not her friends and she should be really mad at these people. Sometimes we drink too much, it happens to everyone. One time I got really drunk at a bar and did the same, and I passed out and I woke up and I didn't know where anyone was. I looked around and couldn't find my friends. But of course they came looking for me. I was afraid they had left without me. But its really scary when you wake up and you're drunk out of your mind and you don't know what's going on or how you got there. I was sure they had left without me, and if they had I probably would've cried or something. I hope she doesn't call these people friends. Tell your friend I would never do something like that to her. UGH. People are disappointing.
  6. Mathor's Avatar
    The thing is. When someone else is making your drinks, sometimes they make them kind of strong. I know my limits. But i've had drinks with a shot in them and i've had drinks with like 6 shots in them made at bars. And so you might think 4 drinks is your limit, but if 4 drinks are made strong you'll be past your limit. It happens.
  7. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    Well, she may have drank a bottle of wine to her face before going out, where she didn't drink at all. Which is just plain absurd, but unfortunately, that's what happens when you fail exams.
  8. Mathor's Avatar
    when you're upset sometimes you act a little foolishly. so it's pretty awesome that her friends made her feel a lot better...
  9. Niamh's Avatar
    that is unreal! I cant belive no one even went to look for her! I'm with Kilted. Where were the staff? dont they check before locking up?
  10. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    They were in the middle of cleaning up and no one had gone into the bathroom yet.
  11. Virgil's Avatar
    Well, they certainly weren't her friends that night and she should probably not consider being friends with them in the future. What were the friends thinking, that she had left? That is possible. Girls really need to be careful out at night and definitely when having a drink. There are so many slimes that are ready to take advantage of a poor girl that does not have all her wits about her. It really makes me mad. Let's be grateful that nothing serious happened and that this was a wake up call to be more careful.

    As to drinking, I dont' believe that people really know their limit, especially young people. One's limit happens before it actually hits you, so one always believes one can have another. There is a time delay before they hit you. What you really should do is count the number you have in an hour. The average man will exceed the driving criteria with two drinks in an hour, depending on his weight and tolerance. The average woman is less than that. Next time you go out and want to make sure you don't go over the limit, keep track of the hours and how many you had in each hour.
  12. optimisticnad's Avatar
    I think it just reflects the times we live in - VERY dumb times! It was just careless behaviour - and yet so many crimes like rape/date rape could be prevented if we just thought things out a bit more clearly and looked out for each other!
  13. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    We have some of the best bus drivers here in Guelph.
    We were being harrassed on the bus the other day quite terrible, and were escorted to our door. The bus driver has also called cops for us before, scared we might get jumped on the walk from the bus stop to our house by guys who'd gotten off a stop earlier.

    I have NO idea how you do not notice a missing friend... never assume anything- that's how rape and muggings occur. =/
  14. PabloQ's Avatar
    Back in the day when I went out drinking with friends, we always looked out for each other, questioned the next round, knew where each other was even when in pursuit of the wild wench. To allow a comrade in arms to disappear for two hours is unforgiveable regardless of the level of friendship, long-time BFs or classmates drowning sorrows over failed exams. I think Erin is lucky the night didn't turn out worse and I'm glad she returned home safely.
  15. kiz_paws's Avatar
    That is awful -- I completely agree with what you said, CC. Your poor friend.... glad that things turned out safe in the end, I shudder to think what could have happened. Yes, you have every right to be angry about this!