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my life goals (fixed?)

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There's life goals, and then there's life goals. Yeah, you want to travel, get a good job, marry some smokin' young thing and raise a herd of anklebiters, but what about the in-between goals? Like, inventing a slang that becomes all the rage. This I have done, inadvertently and somewhat embarrassingly. But you get my point. Things that frost the cake. The cake is still there, you want it and you're going to eat it, but you know you want the frosting too.

I'm taking this to an illustrative context--to serve as motivation, or reminders, what have you. First up:

I want to pet a lion. Not necessarily do its hair, but touch one. Wouldn't that be rad?

Next on the list: ride an ostrich. I have wanted to do this all my life, I kid you not. As a kid I loved piggyback rides because while sailing around I could imagine myself really riding an ostrich--no offense to Dad or whatever uncle was giving me a lift at the time. There are ostrich races in Nevada, Youtube verifies this. This is a real thing! And I am going to do it.

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Yes I can post. Nice to have you back Higley. When you pet that lion, I advise you use the hand you least desire to keep. I hope all you dreams come true, except for the Indians beating the Orioles this season.
  2. higley's Avatar
    Hey through sheer force of will my boys will make the playoffs!
  3. mtpspur's Avatar
    I beat you to a tiger cub. A zoo raising money allowed pictures taken holding a real tiger cub (a lion cub was also available) for $5 back when the long suffering spouse and I were out on the town when we were engaged. I remmeber he was a handful. Hope your goals come to pass also. I had not really realized it had been so long since your Norman Rockwell avatar graced these pages. Time flies.
  4. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I don't know. That ostrich race just sounds like a big conspiracy to me. But if you do end up in the race please post a youtube link. I'd love to see it!