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holy cow!

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Has it seriously been since 2007 that I've done a blog? Geez I have been neglecting this place! Bet nobody outside of a few remembers me. There's a lot of new faces here but I'm happy to see there's lots of the old, too. I get embarrassed when I see my post count so low although I've been here nearly, gosh three years, and there's folks that have been around less long but have triple my count, or even more ha. I just never know what to say.

I spent a couple months in China this past summer, that was exciting. I'll probably spam with some pictures in that one photo thread. I fed a panda a cucumber; I didn't even know that was on the panda menu. And uhh, I took a tai chi lesson from a Taoist monk and made a grand fool of myself I'm sure. My chopstick skills are now supreme. Sometimes it feels funny; I have all these memories of China but they feel like they happened to someone else. I'd love to go back whenever my funds allow it. This summer I'll content myself with three weeks in Kenya.

Only a little longer until I graduate with a degree in illustration. I've improved drastically since the pictures I've posted before. They're kind of embarrassing to look at right now, actually... Hopefully the US economy perks up soon and everybody's looking to hire illustrators, eh?

Anyway good to see ya'll again, glad that you haven't been as neglectful as myself. What's the biz?


  1. Scheherazade's Avatar
    So nice to see you back on the Forum, Higley!

    Looking forward to seeing the photos from China!

    (Joining us on Friday for the record attempt?)
  2. Nightshade's Avatar
    I was wondering if scher had got to you in her attempt to get everyone online
    Seriously though welcome back!
    Can I ask though why did you stay away so long and what made you suddenly decide to come back?
  3. higley's Avatar
    Scher- thanks! I'll try to get in on the action Friday.

    Nightshade- I guess things just kind of got crazy for a while. They're still crazy but I'll do my best to stick around. Just missed the forums, is all, you guys are great.