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Insights from a person of questionable sanity

Sonnet (of sort)

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Here is another attempt at writing a poem:

Tangled bed sheets soiled with regretted passion
Last night was the last time, she said, he said only
you I want. Heaped on the floor, face ashen,
with yearning, fingers clinging to his shirt, fondly.
Late sun’s rays and morning’s noise wakes her from sleep,
Sepia dreams of innocent bisque doll
gently fades away; now severed and cheap.
How lost – years lost! Misplaced love, it was all:
white lies, motel bills, false kisses,
unfulfilled promises, repressed toxic guilt,
such is the life of shelved mistresses
who are soon forgotten, and like flowers, wilt.
What thick veil covers the truth and how true
love is fiddled away by those we falsely woo.

Updated 03-10-2009 at 11:27 AM by optimisticnad

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  1. jon1jt's Avatar
    Wow this is really good. You create a dreamy world, like glass---beautiful and yet with hairline crack. The lovers straddling the boundary between love and what could have beens. Beautiful.
  2. optimisticnad's Avatar
    Thank you but nowhere near as good as yours or others. *Sigh* (there, that sigh was a hint!)
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    This is rather good Opti. DOn't be so qick to put it down. Writing a sonnet in contemporary diction. I think you did it for all but the concluding couplet. I think there your diction reversed to Shakespeare's. It is rather hard to capture modern diction with a pentameter couplet. Perhaps if you used a slant rhyme rather than a perfect rhyme.
  4. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Sepia dreams of innocent bisque doll
    Enjoyed the sonnet muchly, Opti!
  5. jon1jt's Avatar
    Well, some will tell you my newer poems are Bukowski trash. They like some of the the other ones, thankfully.

    This is a damn good poem, trust me. I like how it creates an atmosphere, pulling me into the fold, like I was there too.

    Too many lines to quote that I really like.

    love is fiddled away by those we falsely woo.