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My butt...

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I'm taking a week off from work and for the last few days, I've been spending my time at my couch reading and litenetting. I think I've spent 10 to 12 hours in average per day. In a way, it's been great. In my regular days, work dominates my entire day. Sometimes I spent more than 10 hours at work, went home, cooked dinner (sometime), watched a little news, read an hour and two (if I still had the energy), then went to sleep. When I'm out traveling, the days were worst but fun. Worst because I'd generally only have 4-5 hours of sleep and fun because some hours would be spent outside, having decent chats with Bulmers or cocktails. I almost forgot how it feels to spend hours turning pages and rubbing my eyes once in a while. And I also almost forgot how amazingly enjoyable it is to be 'around' the freakin' cool Litenetters :D :D.
I luv ya all!

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