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My Awakening :p

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Okay, finished The Awakening this morning. I was like, "I KNEW SHE WOULD DROWN! I KNEW IT!" in the middle of my theatre test I had finished and other were still testing and I totally was reading my english assignment and yelled that. It was one of those moments and I was that kid.

I am toally enjoying theatre. I was in two school perfomances during Jr. High (yes, Jr. High) and I quit when I got to highschool because my former teacher was a freak and the high school 9th grade campus was just as equally creepy. Mrs. Lawrence, however, is amazing! I love her class so much and she wants me to audition for the fall musical (even though I cannot sing; she says go for the acting and dancing part ). I am excited for it. I am going to the school performance of the Cover of Life this weekend and I am also going to Les Miserables with my English Class on April 1st!!!! Totally psyched! I get out of school for an entire day to watch a play based off of a book we are not even going to read! I love the theatre. I love acting I love the thrill of being on stage in front of a crowd. It is just a rush that cannot be matched by anything I have ever experienced. I have been participating in public speaking since Jr. High, but nothing, nothing like theatre gets me into that kind of adrenaline rush. I am looking forward to signing up for the city acting troupe. Yeah, we sign up for classes and can audition for it. It will be such a blast!!! I cannot wait! eeek!

Okay, so besides from my re-introduction into my love for theatre, I have found that I am once again on a Beatles binge and I cannot seem to help myself. I have listened to the Beatles nonstop for the past two days. It has been intense. I have just run around singing The Beatles and listenign to them and I have no idea where it will stop....I feel like I have ocd and have to listen to every song from every album at least 3 times....Love them so much!

Anyways, I have a ton of English homework and some math so I will be with my homies again sometime.

peace, love, and chocolate gummy bears,


  1. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Have fun with theatre -- I always loved it, too.
    As for the Beatles -- timeless. They will never 'wear out' in my music tastes. My favorite possession is a copy of the Beatles White Album, but it is an oldie -- 33 RPM vinyl record! (collector's item? we'll have to see!)
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Well, great to your love of theatre and great to your love of the Beatles. What are your favorite Beatles songs? Mine are Ticket to Ride, A Day In the Life, Let It Be, Penny Lane, and so many more.

    And as to the conclusion of The Awakening. Did you think that was an odd way to end the story? I thought if didn't fit and was a cheap way to finish it.
  3. Equality72521's Avatar
    Kiz....I want that copy of the White Album. Mail it to me! Now! haha jk. That is incredibly cool though.

    I love Let It Be, my favorite songs are, Drive My Car, Love Me Do, Revolution, the entire A Hard Days Night album, Yesterday, and Across the Universe. A Hard Days Night is my favorite movie! lol

    I think it was just showing how weak Edna's character was. I do not really have a feeling toward the ending, but I definately believe if she wanted the character of Edna stronger she would not have had her commit suicide, but then again, I do not see another way for her to end the novella. I mean, what would she do? Yell at her husband and tell him to go away? No. It was a cheap but seemingly only option. Either way, I think that Ednas entire character was weak...but that is just my opinion.