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Little Prodigy

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I don't know if it is old news or what, but anyhow, my brother sent me a clip about this little boy from the United States who is an absolute prodigy in the world of golf.

I was deeply touched by the clip, as this little lad is not your average young boy. There is more than the golf talent -- he has to overcome health issues, which I won't spoil by yakking about right now.

If you have the time, check out Golf Prodigy

If that link does not work, it was also broken up into part one and part two in YouTube:

There sure are some amazing people out there, I hope that the little guy has many many more happy days spent doing what he loves ... golf.

Please note that you don't have to play golf, enjoy watching golf, or know anything about the game to appreciate this human-interest-story. Simply amazing.



  1. pussnboots's Avatar
    what a heart warming story. That is one cute kid!!!
  2. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    So sweet.
  3. applepie's Avatar
    I always love what you share:) It is the type of thing that can always make me smile on a bad day. Much Love, Meg
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    What a heart warming story. Oh I hope he doesn't lose that second eye too. He's a good kid.
  5. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Yes, thanks for reading it, guys!

    That little guy really tugged on my heartstrings -- particularly when he played that little prank on his sister (the cereal escapade, lol). What a sweet and loveable guy. I hope that all his dreams come true and that his illness doesn't pose any more problems...