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Look what fun you can have at a book club!

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I want to join a book club! I've just read Joreads' blog post on joining a book club and I am very jealous. There is one at my local waterstones but I can't attend their meetings because it clashes with my schedule. I would like to set one up but who would come?

Has anyone ever watched The Vicar of Dibley (comedy series on BBC 1) - the episode im talking about was a one off christmas special starring the gorgeous Richard Armitage, I'll find it on youtube actually- one moment... they set up a book club - if you know what the characters are like it's hillarious, but even if you don't it's still great, they talk about zadie smith's on beauty - well, sorta.... here is the link: look what fun you can have at a book club...Enjoy!

(from 00.57 onwards to 4.29)

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Is that what goes on at a book club meeting? I've always wondered what if people don't show up prepared. That seemed like a very funny TV show. All our TV shows here lately are crap. Thanks, I enjoyed that. Well, we do have a book club here on lit net and have never seen you join in a discussion.