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Running nose

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As advised by Parapyshology articles and blogs

A. Perform the below routine 3 times:
1. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity at the corner of the nostrils (point 1). You should almost close and open the nostrils when you do the round movement.
2. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the corner of the eyes near the nose (point 2)
3. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the ear, behind the earlobe (point 3)
4. Massage the earlobe 10 times (point 4)

B. After performing the above 3 times, you should feel immediate relief of your nasal congestion. It is advised to return on the above procedure again in about 10 minutes to make it more permanent or the congestion could return.

Additional instructions: The pressures are actually round movement.

OK.....Let see....


  1. Niamh's Avatar
    I was told to do the circular movement on the point behind the earlobe to help loosing wax in the ear so it can been cleaned properly. Especially if you are to do Ear Candling.
    Think i'll make a not of this.
  2. subterranean's Avatar
    Hmmm...that's new to me. So by doing that I can have both clean nose and earlobe :p
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    So it appears!