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Insights from a person of questionable sanity


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My job involves helping university level students with their I.T and related work/issues. It's a good experience for a teacher wanna-be.

However today is hand in day for dissertations.

Which means...

I am going to kill the next person who even makes eye contact with me, no matter how pathetic and in need of help they look.

LIFE!!! You finish uni, feel elated that student deadlines will never ever stress you out only to end up in a job where student deadlines re your top priority!!! See, there is a God! This takes serious planning!

(uh oh, is the above blasphemous?)

Updated 02-25-2009 at 07:37 AM by optimisticnad

Humour slash Life - practically the same thing!


  1. Nightshade's Avatar
    how have you finished uni already? Your the same asge as me... oh wait I took a gap year ignore me!
  2. 1n50mn14's Avatar

    It's not blasphemous, haha, it does take some serious planning!
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I.T.? You help students with their intestinal tracts? I guess that would be a good experience for a teacher wanna-be, especially if you go through bottom end up.
  4. optimisticnad's Avatar
    Nightshade - I am on my gap year. Which is why I'm here so much.

    Information Technology (i think) Virgil!