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Just Babbling


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I can only exhale. Deeply exhale.

I can only put on a smile and a little laughter. Remembering the young blood. Itís always been very easy for me to fall in to the trap of false feelings, innudendos, fatal unapproriate attraction, but not with an 18 years old. Did I miss the train of youth, the crazy and daring exciting life of the young blood? Perhaps, I did.

My short but lovely experience with this very lovely young lad, brought me to the memory of my own youth. Exciting in its own way, but this lovely young creature simply sparked again the idea of, perhaps, the lack of self fulfilling youth. And this expectation creates an exciting rush in my veins. Iím in my full conciousness that' this is purely the apple of my lust and with the sky as my witness, nothing in my head that says, ĎI hit my jackpotí.

I miss him. I want him in his childlike ignorance, one who cares only for beers, parties, and girls. I fancy him for his youth, in his adorable manner.