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(21) Chapter 10 Pt2

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“I can not do that without first knowing where you are tamore,” if her translation program was not incorrect, then tamore literally meant mate. No, beloved mate, Arabella corrected herself. She tucked her head deeper against Allarick’s shoulder to hide the shock on her face. It must have been a slip, because surely this exceptional man was not feeling the same attraction that she was. It felt as if it were unavoidable. The feeling of belonging in his presence, in his arms, was something that she could not compare anything to. She had never felt towards another man the emotions that Allarick evoked from her, and it scared her immensely that she had no control over this attraction between them.

“When you find the right man, Bellisimo, it will be like magic in his arms. You will have no hope of escaping him, because you will be ensnared before you know what has happened,” Vern’s words played softly in Arabella’s mind. She remembered much of that particular late night conversation. They had somehow gotten on the subject of her love life, and Vern had been proving how much of a romantic he really was. Maybe that was some of the reason for their great friendship. In their own ways, they were each waiting for the perfect person to come along and sweep them away. Vern always had believed that the right woman was out there for him, and he just hadn’t found her yet. His optimism about love was contagious, and he had always insisted that there was a perfect man out there for her as well. “You will find him Bella, but he may not be pleased to have to prove himself to me,” Arabella remembered the devilish look in his eyes and the wicked chuckle as he had teased her with that tidbit of information. She could almost picture Vern and Allarick meeting. He would have liked Allarick and believed him to be the perfect man to handle her. Vern always had thought that it would take a strong, but kind, man to manage her. He had often said that anyone who wasn’t more stubborn than she would be trampled beneath her strength of will.

At the feel of Allarick’s lips pressed against her curls, Arabella’s heart melted. There was no protecting herself from this man. She may not have known him for very long, but if the way she felt was any indication there was no way to keep from falling in love with this man. She was already in love with him, and her mind just hadn’t had the chance to catch up with what her heart and body was telling her.

“What is it that you do to me Bella?” Allarick’s whisper was nothing more than a soft breath against her skin. She didn’t offer a response since she was certain he had not meant to speak out loud. Instead, she tucked herself more securely into his arms, and reveled in the feeling of safety and caring she found there. With a small tug, Allarick pulled her securely into his lap and sat her facing him. The emotions in his golden eyes were hard to read, but there was both wonder and love swimming beneath their surface. If she could have seen her own expression, Arabella would have been surprised to see that her own were brimming with the same emotions, but her expression also held a trace of wariness. She was terrified that she was going to find nothing but heartache here in this strange world.

Staring into Allarick’s eyes, Arabella found it impossible to care that she was risking her heart if she allowed herself to fall in love. She could not seem to come up with any reason to deny this man the love and caring that he so desperately needed in his life. Unable to deny either of them, Arabella leaned forward and pressed her lips softly against his. It was a chaste kiss for the second it took for Allarick to participate. He took her mouth possessing her and claiming her for his own. Arabella knew there would be no going back after this and surrendered herself to him.
* * * * * * * * * *
The soft brush of Arabella’s lips against his mouth was Allarick’s undoing. He had not been able to stop himself from gathering her to him, but he had been trying to convince himself to let her go and leave the room. The emotions surged between them like the churning water of a storm swept sea, and they were drowning within. There was no denying them when she started their kiss. Unable to stop himself, Allarick pulled Arabella to straddle his hips. One hand fisted in her hair, holding her captive to his ravishing mouth. The other grasped the curve of her lower spine both pressing her closer and bowing her beneath his onslaught.

He possessed Arabella with his touch in a manner that he had never conceived of with anyone else. Everywhere he touched seemed to catch fire, and her soft moan of pleasure made him purr deep in his chest. With another moan, Arabella’s grasp became as fierce as his own, and Allarick turned to roll her beneath him on the bed. She had a feverish look about her with her eyes swept downward and her cheeks flushed pink with desire. The fire in him was burning just as hot, and he molded her to himself once again kissing her with a desperation he could not explain.

The two of them were so engrossed they did not hear the opening of the door. They also missed Philomina’s exclamation of surprise at seeing the two of them in such a passionate embrace. It took Nechemya, who was right behind his mistress, clearing his throat three times and finally calling loudly to them to distract them from one another.

“My Syine… Arabella,” Nechemya nearly yelled, “there is a visitor here to see Arabella.”

“Who is it,” with a growl, Allarick turned upon the intruders. There was no mistaking his disgruntlement at having been interrupted by them. The anger quickly turned to embarrassment when he saw that it was Philomina before him.

“I did not think to find you here. I was just coming to speak with Bella about your earlier argument. I feared that she may need some comfort, and I wanted to be sure that all was well. It seems you have all under control, and I should not have worried,” Allarick read the amusement in his sister’s words. It did puzzle him a bit that she did not seem shocked to have found the two of them together. He would be sure to talk with the little minx about that later. For the moment, though, he figured it would be best to leave before making an embarrassing situation worse.

“I shall leave the two of you to talk then,” for Arabella’s ears only he said, “We will talk of this later when we are alone,” the love in his eyes kept the words from seeming as foreboding as they sounded, and then he added, “I expect to see you at the evening meal.” With that, Allarick disentangled himself and left the chambers.

Philomina’s watched his parting with bemusement. Her amusement was still evident when she turned to Arabella and demanded, “Just what is going on between the two of you?”
* * * * * * * * *
Philomina stood in Arabella’s chamber and continued to laugh at her friend. The two of them had been talking for much of the afternoon about her brother and the scene she had walked in on. It had taken many assurances for Arabella to get over her humiliation at having been caught in an embrace with Allarick.

“I am so sorry that you found us that way Mina,” Arabella said again. She had been apologizing periodically throughout their conversation.

“Why would you apologize to me? I would be happy for the both of you if you find love here. My brother needs someone to help bring lightness to his world again. For so long he has done nothing but work tirelessly for the good of our people. All the hard work has taken its toll, and I fear that Allarick is forgetting the joys in life. He has forgotten many of the things he fights so hard to provide to others. I did not even believe that my brother could feel things like love or passion anymore, but since you have arrived he is becoming another person. His eyes hold warmth they had lost long ago, and there is a vibrancy about him that had all but disappeared. The passionate man you are coming to know is the man that Allarick was before becoming the Syine. I feared that he had been lost to me, and I grieved. You have given a gift that can never be repaid, so please to not apologize for that.”

“What am I to do Mina?” for a moment Philomina was able to see the terror Arabella felt, “This thing between Allarick and I is bound to cause us nothing but pain. I must leave, and when I do, I fear that a piece of me will be left behind. I do not know why I would let myself risk such pain, but I can not seem to deny this attraction between us either.”

“Let me ask you this Bella. Why must you leave? This pain that you fear can be avoided by simply staying here with us. It is not such a bad place to be, is it?”

“This is not where I belong. I can not stay here when my home is somewhere else. Everything that I know is on Earth. There are people there who will be worried if I do not come home, and I know nothing of your world. I know that you are giving me lessons about your culture, but there are things that I simply can not accept. You view the social structure of your world as nothing more than the way life is. To me it is abominable that people are owned by others. I can not accept that people are told to whom they will mate, and that those who are at the lowest tier of society can be beaten and killed without anyone caring. Only the ruling class here possess the same rights that everyone in my home is granted.”

“But do you not see that you are perfect for Allarick? He works to change all of these things, and you would be supportive of his decisions. You could help to bring those rights to everyone here if you were to stay with us. If you leave us, then there will be people here as well that will miss you,” Philomina was pleading with Arabella to understand. She needed Arabella to see that maybe her purpose in coming here was to become mate to Allarick. Perhaps it had not been a mere accident that caused her to come. It might have been fate bringing the couple together. If she could not make Arabella see that remaining here was her destiny, she worried over what would become of herself and Allarick when she left them. She had come to care for the girl very much in the past days, and her affection only deepened to know that she was falling in love with her brother. It would kill Allarick to have Arabella walk out of his life, and Philomina knew that she would never be the same again either.

“Do not cry Mina. Please do not weep because of me,” Arabella hugged her friend and tried to soothe her, “we will talk no more of this today. Come, let us prepare for dinner before Allarick comes in search of us. The suns are beginning to set, and I believe we shall be late for the meal if we do not hurry. I had to promise to attend, and I would not like for your brother to come and forcibly escort me down to dinner,” the last was said with an impish look that made Philomina crack a watery smile. She dried her tears and the two of them began to ready themselves for the evening meal.

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