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(22) Finally, the new chapter:)

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[I]Hey everyone,

Finally, I've finished it. Here is the latest chapter of Kings, Queens, and Pawns. I struggled hard to get this one out, and I finally just sat and wrote every night until I had it on paper. There are many reasons that I struggled here, but I suppose the biggest would be that I never really accounted for having to write a love scene for a love story:lol: I'm not too certain why I railed so hard against it. Maybe it is simply that I have no desire to write a romance novel, but that is certainly what it felt like until I finished it. The good news is that now that I have the hurdle jumped, the hardest part is out of the way. Anyway, I'm curious to see how the story unfolds since while I've planned the major plot the intricacy between the characters is only making itself known as the words are put to paper. I hope you enjoy it, and I also want to personally thank Rich for encouraging me to keep at it and write true to myself and the characters. He's reminded me all along that I should write the true story and not contemplating changing things simply because I was bothered by where it was leading.

Much Love,

Arabella kicked at a small pebble in the walkway of the garden. It was late into the night, but she was unable to sleep because of her active mind. Dinner had been a strained affair. Allarick had tried to behave as if nothing had occurred, and Phelon had persisted in making his threat known with venomous glances. For her own part, she struggled to keep from touching Allarick in too familiar of a manner and tried to behave as if she were unaffected by Phelon’s threats. The simple truth was that she was terrified, but it was not for herself that she feared. It was Allarick she worried over since he had become tenser as the meal progressed. With each vicious look that had been given his mood had become more intense. At one point during the evening she had expected an attack. Phelon made a comment about the dangers of wandering about alone, and the thinly veiled threat was easy for those looking to see. Allarick had only been restrained by his sister’s calming hand and the beseeching look from Arabella.

There was a rustle of leaves, and the sound of footsteps behind her. Muscles tensing, Arabella turned to see who was approaching, but she relaxed when she saw that it was Allarick.

“Have you come to join me on my walk,” she gave him an easy smile then inwardly grimaced as she realized that she was flirting.

“I came to be sure that you were safe tamore. After the threats Phelon has made, I do not trust him to leave you alone. He made it clear during the meal that he wished you harm yet here I find you wandering alone in the garden with no one to keep you safe,” his words were gentle, but the unspoken demand that she not take such risks did not escape Arabella’s notice.

“I am sorry if I caused you worry, but I just needed some time to walk and think. I will be wary of Phelon since I’ve no wish to encounter him again,” changing the subject she asked, “Why is it that you call me tamore? You said the same earlier, but I am not your mate. Therefore it is impossible for you to refer to me as such.”

“I call you tamore because that is what you are Bella. Tamore is most often used now as an endearment for a well loved mate. This was not always the case, however. Once, tamore was the name given to a mate that was chosen for you by the gods. When you find them the love that blooms between you surpasses any other,” Allarick’s face softened as he spoke to her, “My father found his tamore when he met my mother. It was something I never thought to find, and I know Mina will accept nothing else. Once you have seen the kind of caring that comes from such a bond, it is difficult to settle for anything less. It is why I have never pressured Mina to mate. She is at the age when most are choosing their mates, but I can not force her to accept someone that will not give her what we witnessed in our parents.”

Arabella had listened quietly as Allarick answered her question. It sounded very much like the love found in the fairy tales she had adored so much as a young girl. Her heart constricted as her desire to fight left her. She supposed that she should be happy to have found love at last, but instead she was terrified of this thing between them. The attraction she felt for Allarick was too sudden and too compelling for it to not scare her. She was increasingly certain that the real danger to her here was not Phelon. Phelon may cause her physical damage, but she was strong and any injury would heal. Allarick posed a much greater threat since she guessed it would take both her heart and a piece of her soul when she left.

“I know that you can not stay Bella, but I can not deny this thing between us either,” Arabella turned from him, ashamed that her thoughts were so transparent. Allarick came up behind her and drew her back into the circle of his arms, “I’ll not ask you to stay, but I am pleading with you to not fight this. If we are not to have all our lives, then I want to experience all that I can of our life and love while you are here. I confess that I too am afraid of the future. All we can do is live in the present and wait on what our futures will bring to us.”

“Allarick,” his name was a whisper from Arabella’s lips as she turned and buried her face against his broad chest, “All that lies in our future is pain, and I can not turn away. What is it that you are asking of me? Am I to be your lover, your friend, your mate?” she trailed off at the end.
* * * * * * * * * *
“Be my mate,” it was out before he could stop himself. He had said that he would not ask her to stay, but he did not promise to make her so happy that she would not consider leaving him. If she agreed to become his mate, then he would do everything within his power to ensure that there would be no woman happier than she. Allarick vowed to make sure that Arabella would have no desire to ever leave him to return to her world. In time she would forget that she did not belong here.

It seemed like hours before he felt her slowly nodding her head against his chest. The breath he had been holding escaped in a rush, and he could not help but ask she clarify.
“Please tell me that you just agreed to become my mate, tamore.”

“Yes Allarick, I will become you mate. I do not know what the future will hold for us, but I will not deny this bond between us for fear of the future.” Smiling, Allarick tilted Arabella’s face so that he could look into her eyes. She was hesitant and wary, but there was the shiny look of love there as well. “Allarick, I hate to ask, but how exactly do we mate? Mina and I have not discussed the subject.” At the shy question, Allarick began to laugh. He picked Arabella up in his arms and kissed her soundly.

“Come with me tamore. It will be a surprise for you then, though I wonder of these men on your Earth that you do not know of mating,” mirth shone in his eyes at his own double entendre.

“Allarick,” Arabella giggled as the meaning began to penetrate, “I know how to mate you silly man. What is the formal ceremony like?”

“But Bella there is no ceremony. We mate, and it is my desire to claim you as my own coupled with your desire to be my mate that will mark us.”

“Mark us how?” Arabella asked beginning to look weary of the idea.

“Have you not noticed the bands around the arms of mated pairs Bella? These are what mark them. If the union is a true mating, then the two of us shall have matching bands when it is completed. No mated pair has the same bands since each love in unique and the bond reflects this.”

Arabella relaxed enough that Allarick was able to move through the gardens. He guided her with an arm clasped tightly around her waist to keep her with him. He led her through the twisting corridors until they were at the doors to his own chamber where he ushered her in.

With a frown, Allarick surveyed his quarters. He wished that he had taken the time to prepare them for such a special event, but he did not dare wait another day to claim his mate. Ruefully he admitted that he was too worried that she may change her mind if he did not lay stake to her while she was in such an accommodating mood. He would just have to work with what was available to make this night memorable. While there was no special ceremony, it was still a night to savor. It was an evening he hoped to remember for the rest of his life.

“Tamore, come back this way,” he led her into an inner room within that had a table low to the ground with cushions scattered about for seating and poured her a small amount of a wine like beverage, “sit here and make yourself comfortable. I will return shortly,” Allarick wanted to give her a small amount of time to relax. Things were moving very quickly, and the extra time would give him a moment to gather a few things.

Moving to the main door, he called for Nechemya not surprised to finding him waiting just outside the door.

“How may I be of assistance Allarick?” Nechemya never used a formal title with him when they were not in the presence of others. They had been together since childhood, and he refused to impose such subservient behavior on someone who had been with him for so many years.

“I need you to gather a selection of oils and flowers for me as well as create a platter of sweet treats to snack on as quickly as possible. Arabella has agreed to become my mate.”

“Then I shall have everything within moments. You could choose no better lady to be your mate. She is both lovely and kind, and I can think of no other who would suit you better,” there was no mistaking that Nechemya adored her.

“All I ask is that it is kept a secret from all for the night. I will make a formal announcement in the morning, but until then I do not wish to be disturbed,” Allarick watched as Nechemya turned on his heel and left to do his bidding. Then he turned and entered into the bathing room of his chambers.

Within the bathing area there was a giant pool of hot water. The palace had been built on top of a series of hot springs. The water was used to keep all of the many bathing pools within fresh and warm. The pool within his room was large enough to fit at least eight people, but he had never used it for such a purpose. In preparation for his mating, he laid luxurious drying cloths atop a nearby chair. He lighted small dishes of scented oil that both added extra illumination to the room as well as the sweet woody smell of the woods.

The room was starting to look more romantic by the moment, and Allarick was pleased with his efforts. They were such small things to be done. He turned down the bed covers, and he also made certain to draw the curtains open. This not only allowed a lovely view of the night sky with its double moon, but it also allowed a pleasantly cool breeze to whisper through the room.

A soft knock on the door signaled Nechemya’s return. He came laden with a tray of fruit, meats, and small deserts. He also had within his other arms a bunch of lily like flowers, a bag of bathing oils, and a thigh length robe of the deepest sapphire. “I thought your lady might like to have a covering of her own for the evening,” he admitted with a blush as Allarick spied the robe.

“I’m sure it will be much appreciated. I thank you for the service you have done this eve. I would not know what to do without you. I will speak with you in the morning before I make my announcement to our people. There is much I could use your help with when it comes to keeping my mate and sister safe.”

“Phelon?” Nechemya queried.

“You know all too well then what the situation is. We will speak tomorrow,” Allarick quietly shut the door and set about making the final preparation for his mating.

* * * * * * * * * *

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  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    I'm behind but I think I shall savor catching up this weekend.
  2. andave_ya's Avatar
    woot! splendid! I'm with Rich here - I have a WHOLE lot of reading to do this weekend - but I shall certainly savor it very much
  3. applepie's Avatar
    I'm going to try and clean up my blog between now and then:) I started to try and rearrange things so my stories were back in their areas and such, but it seems there is now a 15000 word limit on a blog :blush: Anyhow, when I had to break the entries, I had to post new entries for the second parts. Now I'm thinking I may just have to go back and try to straiten it some other way, or at least number them all for proper reading order. Much Love, Meg
  4. andave_ya's Avatar
    Meg, I don't know if I'll be able to finish reading the rest of it, like I intended to. Our internet crashed and I'm at a friend's house, using her computer. However I did read this chapter and loved it very much. I love the sweetly romantic tone - I think it really shows love, not lust . And I do hope Allarick succeeds in making Bella too happy to ever leave . I also like the word you've chosen for mate - tamore sounds great.