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The Majestic Revelation

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Cavorting assertivly
Without instigation
Loosing my identity
In this revelation:

Fragile freedoms must be nurtured
Or they'll dissipate into a dillution
True happiness cannot be found in the future
The appeal is an illusion

My spirit is free
No longer a member of a convention
It will be whatever it will be
Beyond contention

So it sleeps rest assured
Intuition will find its way
For a waltz to be heard
And never wake up from day

Give me an encompassing tune for all time
Let every dancing gesture be as if it were fate
Like an uncanny actor effortlessly expounding each of his lines
As powerful as the lover's first date

Ending uncertainties and inhibitions
Making ends meet with old tapestry
Living out a new orchestrated vision
Reassuredly continuous as far as the eyes could see

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  1. andave_ya's Avatar
    Wow. Okay... Not sure I agree with the sentiments, but impressively stated nonetheless!