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Date Talk!

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I was at a flea market a few years ago, and had to purchase this little book. It is really (unintentionally) funny and an interesting look at social roles from 40 years ago. I had to type it in myself, it is so old and quite obscure.

Date Talk: How to talk to a a girl.
by R. N. Lawrence published 1967
back cover:
(He's thinking) Why do I always freeze up when I'm around a girl I like?
(She's thinking) What can I do to get him started talking?
This is a book for him and her and you. Hundreds of tips on how to break the ice and make dates fun
him, her and "you" some sort of third sex? Dates would be quite a bit more fun if there was more than two genders!
(you're thinking) How can I get out of this blog fast enough?

Hold your horses
What if you know more about missiles than he does?
Let it be your secret. Remember, this is a conversation you're considering, not a midterm test. Boys have a way of wanting to be leaders--and the fact is, they usually are. They come by it naturally, some more than others. A lost ski party in the mountains would lookk for a boy to lead the way out. It's his job. Let him lead in talk, as well. Don't lead him (would you on the dance floor?)

He: As Shakespeare said, "Everything that shines isn't gold."
You: Oh, but didn't he actually say "All that glisters is not gold"?
He: That's right--in Romeo and Juliet
You: But isn't it in The Merchant of Venice?

How right you are--and how wrong.

Try it this way instead:
He: As Shakespeare said, "Everything that shines isn't gold."
You I always loved that scene. But do you think a girl should depend on a gold casket tot tell her the manto marry?
He: It's just a scene in a play, Emily.
You: you think it's true to life?

Back on safer ground. Or are you? Here's what can happen if you don't keep your mind on work:
He: Sure it's true to life. Like those novels of George Eliot's. He sure knows how to tell a story.
You: But didn't you know George Eliot was a woman?

Next dance get a new boy. You've probably lost this one. Another time try this:

You: I don't know too much about George Eliot's books. What are they like?
Or here's a good one for you:
You: Let's dance.

Rule 3: If you know it all-play it cool.
If your date is a half wit, just play along. Goodness, you wouldn't try to lead on the dance floor, would you?!!! Whats the matter with you, trying to be all smart anyway!

Parents and Co.
One of the problems that young people have to face is how they act with older people.

Oh not that THEY aren't nice enough; but they have different habits, different points of view, and they're interested in such a lot of dull things: mortgages and insurance, garden and bridge clubs, great-aunts and fertilizer. Not to mention your keeping the driveway cleared, your picking up your room, your getting home on time, your homework.

What you really mean is, they don't appreciate rock 'n' roll, racing cars, Betty's winning the spelling contest or Dick's experiments in the cellar.
Make a note: Adults are people-just like you.
Golly if anybody doesn't find insurance fascinating, there is just something wrong with them. What I find odd in all this is a young guy named Dick experimenting down in the cellar...on WHAT, pray tell?
Don't get too personal

Girls, this one is especially for you.
Boys, as well as girls can get too personal-but they don't see to have the flair for it that you girls do!
Rule number 19
Gossip is not conversation.
This is actually a good tip. Not that I think girls have a special flair for gossip, but still. Lots of people do it and it is even more prevelant now than it was back in 1967. Now we have TV shows devoted to gossip.

This concludes today's Date Talk blog. Thank you and goodnight!


  1. andave_ya's Avatar
    I enjoyed this dryly humorous post very much, thanks kathy.
  2. kathycf's Avatar
    Thanks, andave_ya.
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Laws, how the hay did I miss this little entry! Kathy, I laughed and laughed, thanks so much for your wonderful blog.