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Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Wild Times at the Shop

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Wild times hit the old shop yesterday evening. The company cut-up was doing his usual routine of harassing a fellow worker. He delightfully refers to himself as the company smart***. His girlfriend says that is part of his charm.

Bear in mind that this was all being done as a joke.

The co-worker had sold him a 16 gig flash drive, which actually shows as 14.9, which is perfectly normal. But the cut-up told Mr. Touchy that as it wasn’t exactly a 16 gig drive, the co-worker owed him $2.161/2. Whoa! He might as well have lit a fuse under him. Nasty words were exchanged, but the cut-up was still only joking.

Wham! Mr. Touchy first said that the cut-up owed him $1.50. So the cut-up very casually tosses him a dollar, which Mr. Touchy allowed to fall to the floor. Then Mr. Touchy threw a dollar at the cut-up and exploded in a furious rage, calling names and telling him that he had gone too far. Mr. Touchy picked up both dollars, drew back to throw them again, stuck them in his pocket, slapped his head on his head, and left in what could nicely be called “a bad mood.”

We haven’t seen him since, but he came back after we all had left for the night and got part of his stuff.

I’m standing there the whole time, and knew this was all in good fun, so it shocked the heck out of me. The lady who works here kept her head down just staring at the computer she was working on.

And speaking of the lady, the touchy guy walked into the bathroom on her yesterday. That was a quick trip! But as Mr. Touchy usually only takes about 11 seconds anyway, not by much, as I just had to tell him. Maybe I ignited the smoldering flame, who knows…

And me, boy did I pull a boner. Yesterday I spent almost 31/2 hours looking for a driver for the computer I was working on, only to have the boss discover that I had something hooked up wrong and had the driver the whole bloody time. Wow!

The boss just came in and said someone was parked in “the Presidential parking spot.” We park out back when the weather is bad to avoid the idiots on the strip mall parking lot. I’ve almost been hit many times just crossing to my truck. The problem is, the light out back doesn’t work any more, and I had to come back for my flashlight the other night just to see to unlock my truck.

Now the cut-up and the boss are having a mock argument over a pair of missing pliers. We do this all the time, but Mr. Touchy just doesn’t seem to be able to take it. He can dish it out though. Mr. Touchy takes this superior attitude with everyone and it makes him hard to get along with.

To be perfectly honest, when I started working here, I didn’t know how to take the smart***’s jokes. But I settled in by a few months, so Mr. Touchy should have mellowed out as he’s been here much longer. Some people are so tightly wound that they should not be allowed in public without a keeper.

Well, take care for now… I know I will…

PS: Mr. Touchy can always read my blog, as he knows I keep one!

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I've been wondering how things were going for you Pen. Sounds like the place keeps you on your toes. Hahaha, that smartass is going to get it back in his face one day.