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The Gorilla Sequel

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I'm beginning to love F. S. Fitzgerald. He acknowledges the gorilla and oh so subtly points in his direction. The evidence from The Beautiful and Damned:
"One night while her head lay upon his heart and their cigarettes glowed in swerving buttons of light through the dome of darkness over the bed, she spoke for the first time and fragmentarily of the men who had hung brief moments on her beauty."
OOK, OOK, big fella. I love that. Only white space precedes it and conversation follows, but that single sentence screams sex. It's just done so subtly and so beautifully.

Updated 12-07-2008 at 11:23 PM by PabloQ

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Pablo, his short stories are outstanding too. Don't pass up a collection of his stories. I like many of them as much as his novels. I should read one. I haven't in so long.
  2. PabloQ's Avatar
    V, I'll privately confess I've got this addiction to used book stores. I found a small volume of stories about a reporter or writer in Hollywood and had to spend the buck. You should the mess on the shelf behind Dos Passos. And now I really, really, really, want to read Gatsby again. It's been years and I recall not liking the story, but I was younger and most likely wasn't appreciative of the writing.