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Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Little Shop of....Kids?

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I work with a gang here that are very good friends. I will be 48 on Monday, the boss is 45, the other two guys are in their 30’s and 40’s. The lady is 65. Nice bunch of adults, correct? Wrong!

The way we pick on each other and throw anything from paper to fountain pens, (one guy made a crossbow that fires bamboo skewers!) is way out and wild. Shadow boxing, putting snow down each other’s backs; a million and one pranks in a day.

And the sweet Lord help the one of us who makes a critical error. Like for example, when I backed my truck into the drainpipe out back of the store. Or when a co-worker and his girl were catching a kiss in his car during a smoke break. Or when another wears that nice leather coat that looks like it was made for a woman. Or when the boss totally blows a simple computer repair. Or when the lady got called a “Jezebel” by some woman who thought she was too friendly with a customer.

Nobody ever gets to really live things down for long. We pick constantly, but all in good fun. An uninitiated person would swear this was a kindergarten however!

We of course do not do these things in front of customers. But sometimes the customer gets a good one on us. Today while typing up an order I made so many errors, I finally told him that I was evidently the worst typist in the world. He said “Well, they didn’t have computers when you were in school. Did you take typing?”

Yeah. I cheated my way to an “A” in the class! Double-red face for me.

Makes the day go by easier when things are slow.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have here a paperwad with my co-worker’s name on it!

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  1. pussnboots's Avatar
    sounds like a fun place to work and I am not being sarcastic. when I was in high school I worked in a card store and we always joked around with one another (only when we were slow). one day my friend was working the cash register ( this was right after christmas, where all boxed cards were reduced) and we had a cheat sheet at the register of what the discounted cost was. In thise days we didn't have electronic cash registers so I decided to play a pratical joke and take the sheet away from her. She couldn't figure out the discount in her head and she was getting very red in the face. After a few minutes I decided to give her the sheet back since it was starting to get busy.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Sounds like a lot of fun Pen. Glad you're enjoying it.