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Birthday Present

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It's my mother's forty fifth birthday tomorrow and until now I haven't decided yet what present to give her. I guess i'm too mixed-up this past few days. All those class essays, thesis, projects, and school activities somewhat hamper me from thinking of my mother's birthday. It's the most anticipated celebration in our block actually. The thing is I'm still on the process of thinking what to give my mother in her very day.

Suggestions? Any.




  1. motherhubbard's Avatar
    you could make this for her

    or you could always go with the old standby
  2. eyemaker's Avatar
    thank you motherh! I'll try that one, and help me pray for it to be successful. I'm not a good cook- that's a fact
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I was going to blog abouot this shortly when I got some time. It was my mother's 75th birthday aweek or so ago. We took her out to dinner.

    Mother-H, Nutella cheesecake. Oh my God I never thought of that. That would blow my mind.

    Oh and that lamp, I bet a lot of men walking by that thing would look under the lampshade. Just to see what the light socket might look like.
  4. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Bake some cookies! Everyboy loves cookies, plus you have to put the effort and the love into them.