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I make MOUNTAINS out of molehills

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I had this big project due today. Itís a learning center with six activities. Iíve spent several weeks working on it. It doesnít look like a huge thing, but I had to make all of these little parts and it was very time consuming. I had actually been working on the largest portion for a couple of years and had only completed half of it. I thought that if I used it for this project I would be sure to finish. I had to type a large paper to go along with it and had 13 documents that attached to the 16 page paper.

I was talking with my friend and classmate today about our projects and she told me that her center had one activity and her paper was only four pages long with no other attachments. Now Iím worried. Last semester I had this same instructor for another class. We had to do a big paper where we wrote about 20 different philosophers. I wrote an essay detailing the life, philosophy, and how that relates to education on each one. My paper was over 60 pages and everyone else turned in a 10-12 page paper. I always do this. The last assignment in this class was just a short one page paper about toddlers and I ended up writing three papers and choosing which one to submit. I must be a freak!

I just sent her an apology for creating so much work for her to grade again. I just got a little overzealous about the assignment.


  1. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    =/ I often find myself in this situation as well. It's so difficult to say everything you want to say and condense all the information into a smaller format. More is not always better, unfortunately.
  2. Shalot's Avatar
    Normally, I would not reply and just think to myself what a geeky, brownie-point wanting, overacheiving, over-the-top, curve-buster you must be, but since I respect you I'll just say that if you and I combined efforts, we'd turn in the perfect project. Mine always tend to be too short. I'd always be asked to elaborate more on my thesis, and I'd just be thinking, HOW? Actually, I wish I knew how to find more to say. I'm doing this practice set thing for one of my classes, and it's this ongoing project, and I haven't spent much time on it. I haven't missed many points off just yet, but I'm to the point where I need to spend some time with it to pull it all together for the semester end grade and I'm having trouble seeing the mistakes I've made with it. I spent almost 4 hours today at school working on that and other things (Just b/c school has the software required to do the project and I don't). Man, 60 pages!! I know! You should get on Facebook. There are plenty of time wasters there to distract you. I bet you could find a way to condense that if you wanted to spend your time searching for Fairy Gold and earning Fluff munney so that you could make silly fluff art projects. Come to facebook. come to facebook...
  3. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I don't mean to be like that. I’m all for doing just enough to get by, but I always think every assignment is going to be murder. I was actually totally pissed off at having to write such a huge paper. I was just making it as hard as I could thinking that everything is supposed to be hard. I wasn’t mad about the learning center, but I was making it hard again. I just have all of this stuff that I use with my own kids. All of the reading stuff is kind of related so it was hard to cut out some things. Everything at the community college was a piece of cake, I think I just expect everything at the university to be borderline torture because it‘s like real college.
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    I don't think it's a question of doing just enough to get by. It's what's appropriate for the asignment. 60 pages, wow. My master's thesis was just under 60 pages. That's a once in a school career endeavor. I think the longest term paper for me was 20 pages or maybe just over. I can't imagine an asignment over 20 pages. Unless you're a very talkative writer, and you don't strike me that way (there are some here at lit net that take up a page what some would say in a sentence ) I think you may be going beyond the scope of what's necessary. I found there was a certain art in being able to concentrate an idea. I think you have to establish certain understood assumptions at the beginning so that you don't have to build the background. If that makes any sense. Still I think you should get a good grade. Extra length shouldn't matter. I do hope so.
  5. sprinks's Avatar
    I hope you get a good mark for it . I'm fairly sure I do that type of thing too, but not to that extent!
  6. mtpspur's Avatar
    Not qualified to say anything about a paper. Have a friend working on a thesis of English Gothic architecture and everytime I ask how it's going the reply is still collating data.
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  7. papayahed's Avatar
    I agree with Shal...come to facebook....I haven't written a paper in years but I do have to write reports and letters, I have the problem of going off on tangents. It helps me to write down the point I'm trying to make and ask myself while writing if I'm still on point.
  8. optimisticnad's Avatar
    One of my lecturers once asked me 'Do you not have an internal editor?' because I write too much. Can't help it. However now that I've graduated and a little wiser - it is better to be precise and succinct. It's not about length and how much you know about the topic, it's about the argument at hand and often when you write too much it's stuff not related to it. It is great you write a lot, better a lot than nothing at all but just make sure you're not waffling and it doesn't become tautological. A shorter piece, generally speaking, holds the reader's attention and leaves a much more lasting impression because they can remember the beginning! And yeh, like you I would get stressed about every paper I had to submit but if I'm honest - I'm the one who made the extra work for myself, an 'A' is fine, A+++++ isn't all that.....
  9. Virgil's Avatar
    Very well said Opti. I couldn't agree with you more.
  10. Anza's Avatar
    Passion about every subject you write about is a gift. Do not lose it