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"Amor a Primera Vista" (5)

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It's the penultimate instalment everyone.

The night had ended for most people; only a small group of Spanish men in their sixties lingered behind, drinking liquors and smoking cigars. There were a small number of waiters and waitresses dotted about the terrace collecting glasses and wiping down the tables.

I walked through the clear glass doors and saw him sat on the stage by the balcony, looking out onto the bay with his phone in hand. I walked slowly across the tiled floor, taking care that each step I made was silent and unnoticeable. He looked up and spotted me, as if he could sense my very presence. My heart pounded; but this nervous feeling was not the same as before. I felt as though I was being led down an unfamiliar path whilst blindfolded.

"Hola," I greeted him. "Que tal?"
He laughed, looking somewhat impressed, and cried "Aah, Español!"
We sat together, once more; he place his arm around my waist; his touch, electric. I was consumed.

The silence persisted for a long time, but the tear that glistened in his eye was enough to set the tone. He refused to look directly at me at points; he didn't wish for me to see him. I made several attempts to strike up a conversation, but each attempt faltered, like a tiny moth caught on the surface of the heavy water, only to be drowned with no hope at all of survival. I was confounded by the fact that I did not also feel this ache that he was so evidently enduring.

Eventually, I rose from my seat, removed my footwear, and strolled to centre stage in nothing but my light summer dress and my soul. I felt so powerful at that time, stood in front of absolutely no one. I stepped down and stood directly in front of him. He looked up at me; without saying a word, I look his hand in mine, and led him back onto the stage. I breathed his name as he stroked the back of my neck where my hair fell loose. Slowly, we drifted into a kiss. A kiss so deep that I felt we barely needed to touch; just the sensation of his breath on my skin was enough to send me into sweet oblivion. We were ghosts, embracing one another in the moonlight. The Spanish men, the bar staff, the world's population and , did not exist.

When the time came, he escorted me back to my room and begged me continually to remain with him.
He softly grabbed my upper arm; "Please... 15 minutes."
" , I'm sorry... my parents. I have to go. I will see you in the morning, I promise."
I was reluctant to leave, despite the lateness of the hour.
We made eye contact, and it trapped me as it had done so many times before. I was grounded to my spot. In recognizing my weakness, he seized the opportunity and he seized me, holding me so tightly.
"Hahaa! Now, you will stay with me. You will not go tonight" he declared, whilst beaming his giant smile at me.
I merely surrendered and encouraged his foolish and, not to mention, fanciful antics.
"So what do you plan on doing with me? now that you have me" I inquired jokingly.
"I will take you away with me, back to Zaragoza! You will live with me."
I glowed at the sheer excitement of his pretend romantic quest.
"That's all very well... but wherever shall I sleep?"
His cheeks grew a bright shade of red; he looked at his feet, then up towards me lips, eventually reaching my eyes.
"Ehh..." he smiled, "In... my bed?"
We fell about laughing at the absurdity of the conversation, and then he informed me of his crafty contingency plan.
"But if I can't take you with me... I will go home tomorrow without you. Then! In the night, I will swim back to Menorca, and we will run away together."
I, of course, agreed to this master plan; only then, would he let me go.

I didn't sleep much that night. I lay awake thinking about the next day. I didn't feel anything, yet the image was replayed in my mind over and over and over again.


  1. downing's Avatar
    The same searing pain which comes at the surface in my heart after reading it. Surely - it's only the 1000th part of what you suffered. Great way of composing, but, again, I am saying already known facts You should publish it will surely be a bestseller. I can hardly wait to read the 6th one though I'm afraid I'll cry like a baby.
  2. LadyW's Avatar
    Goodness, I am once again stunned by how much you like this story.
    I doubt it's good enough to be published... but perhaps if I build on it over the next few years as my writing skills develop, I may enter it into some form of competition. I'm not sure.
    There are parts I've missed out; I'm not sure why.
    I'm rather anxious about the last part... it's going to be very difficult. I pray it doesn't disappoint you.