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Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

More Computer Shop Woes

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Yesterday was billing day for the ISP services. The lady who usually does this had to have major surgery, so two of us were “trained” to do the billing. I was one of the unlucky pair.

It’s funny, years ago this used to be my job, and I knew exactly how to do everything. I had to leave for some years because of my health, and now everything has changed. I still went to work will a will, trying to figure out what in heaven’s name I was doing.

I e-mailed out the bills, and then upon rechecking found I had made about umpteen errors. Some who were billed actually owed nothing being paid ahead. I either deleted their e-mail before they could read it, or in the case of them not being on our email, I called them. Tragedy adverted.

Some didn’t owe quite the full bill, having written checks for over their amount the last time. More deleting from the e-mail server. Again, errors caught and trapped like a rat before they escaped.

Then comes the credit-card customers. I know zip about doing this and must wait until the boss is back in the office. So they will be a tad late, as he is off today.

Then comes my problems with the last computer I am repairing. Suddenly, I am up against something that I either don’t remember them teaching me in collage, or that I just never ran into before. There is a guy here who might know, but he doesn’t like to teach others too well. My nerves begin to fray somewhat.

A phone customer calls at least ten times and finally I must loose patience. I think I may have miffed him a bit, but he will soon soothe his ruffled feathers, because he’ll have another problem and call again. Righto. That was him just calling. He’s gruff but polite and I can solve his problem quickly.

Boredom looms like a foggy elephant, as we are slow for the day. Mr. Porno calls. He’s having a problem with Microsoft Office. Hey, I can solve that one with no problem.

My co-worker decides to hand me the instructions for fixing my problem, printed out so that I can follow step by step. Hey, I love my co-worker! I love everybody! The rain no longer is depressing. OK, here go nothing!


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Sounds like it's keeping you busy and interested.
  2. Shalot's Avatar
    Does he know you call him Mr. Porno? Better not slip up and say that outloud...
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    That was nice of the co-worker to print out those instructions!