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"Amor a Primera Vista" (3)

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So I mentioned I had approximately 2/3 of it written down on paper. I have now finished transferring it onto the computer. I will be working on the last part this weekend, but I imagine it will be quite difficult. Enjoy.

“One kiss...please?” he uttered with that low, husky voice and hypnotic stare. I observed his mouth as he spoke; it was so small, but so gentle.
“I can’t...” I whispered, my breath was heavy - as was my heart.
“Just 2 seconds. Close your eyes.”
I did. And he kissed me.

It was just a peck; I hadn’t done anything too horrendous – although it was enough to set off my conscience. Then again, I didn’t feel anything that powerful when he kissed me... Was that simply because his feelings were not reciprocated? Was I just too uptight? It was irrelevant. It would never happen again – ever.

Why did he say it?
“I love you.”
It was like being immersed in icy water. Overcome with shock and confusion, my breath was short and a buzzing sound filled my ears; I just glared at him.
Nice... intelligent input there. .
“I know” he said, with his lip trembling slightly, “I don’t understand... I am 14 years old, and I find the girl I have dreamed about. I know you only 3 days, but... I love you.”
He flashed a brief yet hopeful smile and asked, “Do you love me?”
I raised my hands in surrender and shook my head with bemusement at what had just occurred.
“Just...3 days. Wow.”
I didn’t say no so bluntly, but I think he understood what I was getting at.

Some time had elapsed, and still perplexed by the whole affair, I asked him: “How? Why?”
He searched for a way to explain, and after a little deliberation he proceeded with a rather comical mimic of cupid shooting an arrow. Of course, we both fell about laughing at how clichéd it all was.

“Amor a Primera Vista. Love at first sight.”
A concept I had never really considered before; I wasn’t even sure if I believed in it. Of course, I knew that those first few moments in which two people are acquainted, we are judged solely on appearance. Attraction is a matter of bio chemicals –it’s just science. But love? Such an intricate, unquantifiable emotion; the thing we survive for; the very thing that inspired all the great artists, musicians, and the writers to craft their profound masterpieces. Their work required power and thought, but love gave it life, love cared for it, and love inspired it. It begs the question: How can the most sacred of all emotions come about within such a tiny space of time? Moreover, when the love is not reciprocated (which it wasn’t) – is it a true love? Or is it a simple and temporary infatuation? The other party’s indifference indicates it was never meant to be; fate has decided against this move. Or perhaps unrequited love is true, and fate is too cruel...

I loathe the way in which love is applied so liberally. It is a word that should not be uttered unless it is earnestly meant. It is a word that should not be uttered if you would not lay down your life for that person when the occasion called for it. It should not be uttered if you cannot picture yourself growing old with them.

I didn’t believe he meant it; or at least, he didn’t know what he was saying. I don’t think I wanted to accept it either. Plus, he must have tonnes of girls swooning over him – that must have inflated his ego to some degree... just like the rest.

We reached floor seven and were ready to part for the evening. I went to hug him; he went to kiss me – it was awkward. He resigned, and held me close; I could feel the warmth radiating from his body. It was odd. Not uncomfortable. Odd.
He lowered his head and gave a soft whisper down my ear, “Te quiero... means I love you...”
All the time, that heart shattering gaze taunted me. He looked so honest, so determined, with the innocence of a small child. He lingered on that spot as I walked away, just watching me.

I hadn’t forgotten about , but I can’t say I felt guilty. In my eyes, me and were two friends; I hadn’t done anything wrong. Perhaps this outlook was ignorant – I hadn’t done much to distance myself from him and his advances. I’m not sure why... it wasn’t the thrill; it was some unknown force that had captivated me (that and a little curiosity.)

The next day at the pool was probably the most time I had spent there for the entire two weeks. It was a war in which the aim was to throw one another into the water as much as possible – every man for himself. At one point, I had both my ten year old brother and his companion quite literally holding me hostage – one at my feet, the other at my arms. The valiant (as he liked to be addressed) came to my rescue immediately, placing one hand on my back and the other, most accidentally, on my rear. Naturally, he moved away instantly and apologised fervently – I just laughed. There’s no point in dwelling on embarrassing moments; they should be embraced more than anything else. Although would have exploded at the sight of it.

We arranged to play “crazy golf” at the local bar that evening – I dreaded it. I was utterly hopeless at golf, and I wanted to give off a good impression, or at least avoid looking like a complete idiot.
Setting off down the path, the sunlight was so dazzling; it was at that special time just before it retires for the evening – a grand finale. The light shone into my eyes, which were alot greener than usual – they often are when I’m happy.
“Your eyes... they are brighter than the sun. You are very beautiful.”
I smiled and once again shook my head, a little pink in the cheeks. A thought came to mind: Is this all just some cruel joke? A dare? A bet? I quickly dismissed this idea, for his manner was too serious.

Our golfing match was rather enlightening. Dare I say, I uncovered a hidden talent that night. just stared at me in amazement; “How!? How?” he cried, waving his hands frantically. Admittedly, his golfing skills were inferior to my own – but not by much. I spent most of the course laughing at his attempts and feigned aggravation. Even if I didn’t feel much of a romantic attachment to the boy, I was extremely fond of him as a friend.

Whilst making our way back to the resort, he took my hand and I didn’t reject it. In fact, I quite liked how it felt. For the first time, I felt comfortable. We sat together on a little wall with a view of the vast and awesome bay. There was a small number of Spanish families relaxing on the beach and playing in the gentle waves of the sea. It was quite therapeutic to watch the smiles and hear the laughter. I gave a quick glance to the side to him looking at me again – really, did he never tire of it? This time, I turned my head – I faced him.

“One kiss...just five seconds. Close your eyes; it’s easy.”
I bartered with him. “Hmmm... two seconds”
“5 seconds, please,” he said, flashing a boyish grin.
I couldn’t help but smile back. “I really can’t... just two seconds!”
“Okay, okay; I am sorry.”
He apologised for every time his kisses were rebuffed, yet he kept on coming back for more.
So I closed my eyes lightly, anticipating the inevitable with great apprehension. A kiss that was so gentle hit me so hard. I drowned in the very moment, and I didn’t wish to resurface.
Wow, you didn’t compose a contingency plan for this one did you?
I stroked my tingling lips with my fingers, still in awe. I’d kissed before, but this was new to me.
I grew so sleepy and a little yawn crept out of my partially opened mouth.
“You are tired!” he declared.
“Oh no, I’m quite al-r...”
I never got chance to complete my sentence as he had pushed my head down onto his shoulder with full force.
“Sleep,” he told me whilst chuckling heartily.
Now and again, he would tell me that he loved me, and it sounded so fitting, like he’d been telling me all his life. When the words left his mouth, his features seemed to glow – as did I. But he did not smile, his eyes just widened and his ears perked up as if he was praying for the sentiment to be returned in equal measure. I was torn between the pleading look in those intense brown eyes and the thought of at home. I didn’t want to be the bad guy. I’m sure if they all knew what had transpired in those 2 weeks, I would be.
No longer the damsel in distress now ...


  1. TheInsomniac's Avatar
    Its always.. 3 days
  2. downing's Avatar
    Believe me, my stomach ached all the way through's so heartbreaking! You have talent... I couldn't stop reading! I can hardly wait for the next part...falling in love as a I know this!
  3. LadyW's Avatar
    I'm absolutely overjoyed you liked it!
    I was concerned it would be quite an empty story, but so far, it's going rather well.
    I'll working on the remainder of the story over the next two days; I imagine it will come in another 2 parts.