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I couldn't fit this response as a comment in my previous blog, so I started another blog entry.

I wonít be able to respond to everything, but a response to two points is needed. First to the point from Petrarch on Bush as divisive. Well, it takes two sides for bipartanship and Bush certainly didnít lack trying. I can enumerate number of policy initiatives (education reform for instance right at the very beginning, even the vote to go to war in Iraq had a significant number of Democrats along with it) that were intended to be bipartisan. But frankly your statement is rather politically unlearned. Are you saying that under Clinton it wasnít divisive, or under GHW Bush or under Reagan or under Carter or under Ford or under Nixon? Come on, itís the duty of the opposition to undermine the President. That has always been and will always be. Otherwise one has the potential of a dictatorship. I expect and will support from my political party the undermining and division of Obamaís policies: (1) because I donít agree with them and (2) because it is my duty as the loyal opposition. Nor is it necessarily a positive value to not have unity. The most divisive presidency in the history of our country was Lincolnís. Put that into perspective.

Second, I am serious. I stand by my statement. Institutionalized racism has been extirpated from this country by what I see as twenty-five years. What people have recounted in response here are personal prejudices. Everyone have personal prejudices. I have personal prejudices. You can probably find a number of prejudice statements I have made here on lit net, against people with piercings, tattoos, and general low class behavior. There are prejudice statements made against people who believe in religion almost every day here on lit net. There are people who are prejudiced against hunters or gun owners or pro-life advocates or southerners or northerners. Good lord, every time I go out with my elitist Liberal friends (who are supposed to be prejudice pure) I have to hear the word ďredneckĒ thrown around with disdain. I bet if I probed each and every one of you I will find prejudices. Just look at the prejudices that poor Sarah Palin had to undergo these past few weeks. Why, because sheís a woman who hunts and shoots guns and doesnít believe in abortion? What was the level of hatred towards her by a good portion of the country? It is normal and human to have prejudices, and in some cases a good thing. Whatís different is that there is no victimization. Institutionalized racism harms or holds back someone. I fail to see that on any significant scale. Where I work management is filled with people of all ethnicities. I already mentioned the black accomplished people in one of my responses. Oprah is the biggest entertainer in the country, and her ratings are dependant on white viewers. The highest paid ethnic groups in this country are Asians and Indians (from India). Why hasnít racism, if it exists, held them back? If people have prejudiced feelings against inner city blacks, well, perhaps there are good reasons why people have those feelings. Hereís something else to put into perspective, more people have died from violence in Obamaís inner city of Chicago than American soldiers in Iraq over the course of the war. No one can tell me that racial victimization is the cause of that. And the cry of racism to rationalize black problems is a crutch, an escapist argument to claim victimization. This escapist argument is self defeating because it is paralyzing. It tells young African Americans you canít make it because you are held back. Frankly they are not held back and they should not be made to feel this way. People in this country are only held back by their self imposed restrictions. Period. Thomas Sowell, the Stanford economist and sociologist (a brilliant man in my opinion, and black) has said in a similar argument as this that if Jews had waited for the end of anti-Semitism to make it in America, they would still be waiting.

I agree with Rich. The election of Obama is the end of the argument that blacks are held back because of racism.

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  1. motherhubbard's Avatar
    great blog, again. I had to laugh at Sarah Palin taking flack "because she’s a woman who hunts and shoots guns and doesn’t believe in abortion." That defines the vast majority of the women in my area. I suppose we live in very different worlds.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    I ought to move to your world.
  3. motherhubbard's Avatar
    The people around here would just call you a damn Yankee when the couldnít understand a word you were saying. Besides, itís a dry county. Youíd have to drive a pretty good distance to get a glass of red wine to have with the elk that your wife shot, dressed, and prepared for dinner.
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    That's ok. I'll have the wine shipped down. But trust my wife with a gun? No way.
  5. sprinks's Avatar
    Interesting blog. I'm certainly learning more about America and politics lately!!
  6. Shalot's Avatar
    I wonder how this election would have turned out if someone other than McCain and Palin had been on the ballot. And what part does the media play in politics? Does someone control the media, or is the media it's own entity with the ability to influence decision making?
  7. Janine's Avatar
    "That's ok. I'll have the wine shipped down. But trust my wife with a gun? No way."
    SEE you are a sexist yourself. Your wife could learn. Better watch she doesn't shoot you! hahaha....

    Shallot, The media thing is called 'freedom of speech' in this country! At least that is my opinion. No one is forced to watch any one broadcast, listen to any one political analyist, any one newspaper, etc. One has to pick and choose or read a variety and then realise there is a filter to all the information of what is known as 'news reporting'; 'news commentary'. It takes ones own intelligence to decide in the end.
    Updated 11-09-2008 at 02:10 PM by Janine
  8. Petrarch's Love's Avatar
    Hey Virg.--My own response got a tad lengthy as well, so I stuck it on my blog here: I have tried to disagree (where I do disagree) respectfully.
  9. Janine's Avatar
    "I bet if I probed each and every one of you I will find prejudices. Just look at the prejudices that poor Sarah Palin had to undergo these past few weeks. Why, because sheís a woman who hunts and shoots guns and doesnít believe in abortion?"

    I shouldn't answer this, because I may get into more hot water with you - my good friend; but the things you point out here, did not at all make me prejudice towards Sarah Palin; I wanted you to know that. I judged her by her actions and I did not particularly like what I saw; so I based my decison on the facts. Being a woman, I would have voted for her in a flash, if I had thought she was qualified to hold office; which could include someday being president. I usually am quite tolerant of other people's lifestyle, so the fact, she hunted and had her own beliefs meant little to me; that was her own business. Where I found issue with was the fact, that she did not appear at all tolerant of other people's beliefs and private lives; if she was I didn't see evidence of it. I also could not understand her remarks referring to some parts of our nation as the true American's. If this does not cause divide, I don't know what would; and it was not a racial matter either - more a regional one. I didn't get the information from a news source, but saw a video of her and heard her very words, with my own ears. I felt she was very much against biparisonship by her remarks in large crowds of supporters, even though she said the opposite to reporters and her party. That is just my opinion. If people are talking about her now, and this crosses into her own party, then something is not quite right there.
    Updated 11-09-2008 at 06:21 PM by Janine
  10. mtpspur's Avatar
    At least Virgil's wife lets him have a gun. Of course the fact that I can't shoot the side of a barn may have something to do with it. Just a light jest--too lazy to get all worked up over things. I am civilized to one person at a time which is a start in breaking down the barriers I believe. One person, one heart, one victory or failure as human nature dictates.
    Updated 11-09-2008 at 08:19 PM by mtpspur
  11. Janine's Avatar
    Well put mtpspur!
  12. applepie's Avatar
    All I can say is that I agree with you. Too often there are excuses made for our lot in life, and far more frequently it is of our own doing. Racial prejudice is there. There is no way around it, but I also think it is in human nature to abhore that which seems different. To blame all the problems within society on it is to try and excuse your own behavior with stereotypes on how things should be instead of how things really are. All I can say is that I'm happy the elections are over. They didn't run in my favor, but I'm not angry about it. I just worry over the impact of all the impending social welfare that is coming. And please, PLEASE, don't let us get another economic stimuli check. I like all my tax return in one lump sum and I'm just watching it whittle away. We always pay extra to be sure we get that nice check to put in savings. Anyhow, take care, Meg
  13. PabloQ's Avatar
    But trust my wife with a gun? No way.
    In an anthology, Mountain guitarist and lead singe, Leslie West becries in the liner notes to buy your wife anything, flowers, candy, or a Wonderbra, but not a gun. He was mourning his friend and bandmate, Felix Papallardi, who was shot by his wife with the gun he had bought her for her birthday.
    My mind just goes in twisted places.