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what my computer is doing 2 my words...

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This is what it should say (I did this by typing in another application not on the internet and it worked than pasting it here)-
I decided to write a story backwards and take advantage of my computer's oddness. Though, not only does it type it backwards it also takes letters and randomly takes them out and place them in the beginning. So if you can actually read this I give you my complete admiration. What is it about computers that does this?

Coincidentaly I never wrote the story because my computer is too annoying right now.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Glad you cleared that mystery up. Thought it was more monkies writing Shakespeare again.
  2. sprinks's Avatar
    Wow that is weird. I hope you sort out the problem!
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I've never heard of someone's computer doing this. How and why?
  4. AdoreroDio's Avatar
    .hgu...ti gniod llits s'yi
  5. AdoreroDio's Avatar
    Yay it is fixed!
  6. pussnboots's Avatar
    Od ouy wonk tahw saw gnorw ?
  7. AdoreroDio's Avatar
    no idea