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A Little Bit of Everything


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My computer is calculating everything sdrawkcab and it took me forever to type this sentence so I won't try and correct it now.
.siht gnidaer ni dedeccus yllautca uoy fi stargnoC .retal niaga yrt tsuj ll'I kniht I yllaucA.trohs siht ekam llahs I os driew yrev dnif I hcihw.sdrawkb gnihtyreve gnipyt si retupmoc ym


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I don't know how to go about reading your sentence other than by hand writing it straightwards. Oh I know what it is. I just got it. Hey I did notice that "this" spelled backwards makes for an interesting word.
  2. pussnboots's Avatar
    took a little bit but I was able to read this backwards.
    Imagine if we all started to write backwards.
    Dluow ekam rof emos gnitseretni gnidaed!!