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Song of Cyberlove: A poem in Song of Solomon tradition

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A chat betwix me and my love turned into something that I used as a base for this poem. I restructed it a little (the first two I arranged rhythmically, etc) but the content is the same...

Lover: A peck upon your neckline first then on your chest plant a kiss.
Let me run my hands from pit to waist with a featherweight caress;
below I’ll save a stronger touch, but soft and light on the less,
...palming each muscle, each crevice, each spot...
search without aim; but to know.

Beloved: I would kiss your foreneck first, and embrace your body strong,
Then falling with my lips to breast rest there fairly long
Mouth your supple arms and hands, from stomach to your back
…taking your head in powerful hands,
Knead your scalp then pull your hair.

Lover: Close my eyes to memorize the feel of flesh against my hand,
to see with mental vision, though sensually blind.
Oh love! To feel your bare skin behind me, let your body's pressure sink me into mattress would be sublime!

Beloved: I’d turn you round again to plant another buss
Then parting your legs with mine,
Like two octopi entwined,
your inner thigh would I molest.
I wonder, would we take time kissing like wolves?

Lover: Constant and unending!

Beloved: Fervid and flaming!

Lover: only ceasing to study the other, to drink in the sight and allow the eyes delight in the rapture the soul already knows...

Beloved: I shall take your arms as reigns, and deal as horse and rider were one,
in a passionate night lighting the fire that fills me,
going into the depths of your body,
ensuring that you do not miss
the pleasure of my perfect kiss
My virile grasp, to hug you tight within me.

Lover: Curl yourself around me like a zephyr -
Search me, seek me, try me,
Leave nothing unplumbed
Like Odin chasing Freya.

Touch me with sunlight fingertips, stroke my skin till my body rages
Command me with your hand, bend me to your will,
the way a man desires.

Beloved: But lover, what of your happiness?

Lover: To see you delight in me is my greatest pleasure - the pleasure of pleasing you, the one I love.

Beloved: Know there would be no place where I would not be,
Co-penetrated, co-joined, co-possessed until we melted completely,
in your mind, in your body, in your soul,
I would strive to satisfy our desires completely.
Oh beloved, I could spend an eon with you that Hefesto could not stop with a magic chain, because from your arms, your hands and between your legs I could not get out.

Lover: …though entry would be with such ease and grace.
I am ready for you now; the pump is primed and the flood has begun
- all I need is a hero, a buccaneer, my capitan.

Beloved: for your treasures, for nirvana, for heaven that awaits me
I am ready to set sail, move towards you, to port and die between your breasts.

Lover: Don't be satisfied with that treasure chest, there's more that lies buried, my capitan, in a southern cave no man goes. Tis guarded by a mad goddess who scorns all but the promised one, like the lost witch of Odysseus, who mourned his flight..

Beloved: Shall I go to the depths of the cave, to the one I’ve been watching for? I only need permission.

Lover: What permission do you need from the one who waits for you, except to come?

Beloved: I will go and enter that sacred cave to mount my corsair power and field my desires. Can you feel my heart beating faster as I approach your coast?

Lover: I feel it in my inner depths. Like a diligent soldier who rises for battle so do you rise, and meet on the battlefield your goddess, who you slay with a word and a blow from your sword...

Beloved: Then let us go to the center of the world, quell my desire with a touch of your hand. Let us go into the heartland, and keep your divine body submerged by mine.

Then melt into me, my capitan, with a final thrust draw me down and sink yourself into the earth, to sleep, to rest in my arms till gyres bid us come again..


  1. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I need to find a fan!
  2. Countess's Avatar
    Yeah - you can imagine how I felt after that conversation. I was ready to swim the gulf and cross continents for him!
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I need a cold, ice cold shower.
  4. mtpspur's Avatar
    Ah Countess--good to see the creativity and joy of life again.
  5. andave_ya's Avatar
    gosh -- -- wow.
  6. applepie's Avatar
    Wow Countess! I'm with Virgil, I think a cold shower may be in order;)
  7. krispykritta's Avatar
    real nice, i love the symbolism