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Likes and Dislikes Music

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Ok. Let’s talk likes and dislikes: Music.

On the music front, I prefer Adult Contemporary. I like some of the recent music, but most of it, I do not like.

I like the Easy Listening artists: Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Air Supply.

I have recently ventured into the Jazz section at the Walmart. I have liked Anita Baker for awhile. Last December, I found Diana Krall. I have completed collecting all of HER albums and will not begin working on getting the other albums she has sung on. She has a great voice, movie starlet good looks, and plays the piano like no other jazz musician out there. In my office, which is near my classroom, I have an album or two playing during the class so it will not be too quiet in the classroom. Beside, she has the name of the love of my life so she can’t be all bad.

I love soundtracks. When I see a movie and the music moves me, I usually buy the soundtrack. The Pirates of the Caribbean (all three) are the best I have ever heard. Considering that they are written by two composers, that is saying something.

I bought The Dark Knight soundtrack and was disappointed. The music was slow and unemotional except the last 30 seconds of each song. At that moment, the composers added a little something else and the musical quality increased exponentially, but then the 30 seconds ended and the song was over. The only exception to this was the first song “Why So Serious?”. It is thrilling from the soft note thru to the last note.

I have, of course, all of the Star Wars soundtracks. The Revenge of the Sith was the heaviest of all of them and by far the best. Each soundtrack had its piece that defined the movie (I have those on my MP3 player), but The Revenge of the Sith is classic through all 14 songs.

The first sountrack I ever purchased was The Russia House. I mostly played jazz, but with enough classical in between the jazz to make you feel you were listening to a soundtrack.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    When I was young I had most of the James Bond movie soundtracks with Goldfinger being the favorite. Nottoo familiar with jazz butI like Leon Redbone when I can catch him.
  2. andave_ya's Avatar
    Howard Shore!! Howard Shore is my favorite soundtrack composer EVER. Have you listened to his LOTR soundtracks?? Sheer BLISS!
  3. Shalot's Avatar
    I too recommend the LOTR soundtracks. My favorite is The Fellowship of the Ring, and Concerning Hobbits. The Shadow of the Past is good too. I liked to put them on at work a few years ago when I worked in hell. My current job doesn't bother me so much, and now I have an Ipod so I haven't listened to LOTR in a while. And yes, The Revenge of the Sith is wonderful. I like Anakins Dream and the one about Palpatine (I can't remember the track title right now, and I'm not going upstairs for it. Besides Lit Net would time out before I got back and I would lose my post). I can't say I'm too wild about Barry Manilow though :->
  4. LC_Lancer's Avatar
    Thank you. I will give a listen to the LOTR soundtrack.
    Barry Manilow has been a favorite since the third grade.
    Shalot, did you find the track title? Get my last PM?