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Sarah Palin & I Almost Meet Again

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Anyone reading me for any length of time will know that I have zero interest in politics. I have nothing against people trying their best to keep a monolithic structure of government from collapsing under its own mass but a career in the Air Force has only reinforced the mindset that change can and does happen but usually not in time to solve the current problem and benefit ME at the time I need it. But okay for the future generations.

I can truthfully say that at about 7:30 pm or so last night Sarah Palin was probably the very least last person I was thinking about though a passing resemblance to my beloved moderator has not gone unnoticed. Oh no he IS shallow enough to vote for her based on looking like Logos. Of such are kingdoms created.

What I was barely thinking about was the young lady on the U. S. state route 35 eastbound needing a tire change that Sta 0010 was taking a bit of time getting to. They had been on their way about 20 minutes now and STILL had not arrived. Not too concerned. Sometimes the driver's arrive to find the member toe tapping about him yakking on the radio instead of finishing saving the day so they hop to it and report in later.

I'm already back to rereading Birds of Prey #123 where Barbara Gordon is facing the Joker (yep--HIM) for the second time since he crippled her way back in Alan Moore's The Killing Joke and ending Batgirl's career until she rebuilt herself as Oracle--empress of cyberspace and profile builder for inept bloggers.

So it's almost 8 pm when calltaker Rudi phones in. It seems I have an angry father on the phone about said untrained to change her own tire daughter and what do I pay AAA for anyway if not to do this sort of grunt work??!!

He is amazed that he just NOW received a phone call from Sta 0010 saying they were not allowed to enter the highway because Sarah Palin was passing through.

What was I (in my less then glorious role of dispatcher) going to do about this??

Dreams of FBI detainment and appearances on Oprah grapple for the Drama Queen's attention. After all the young lady is less then two miles from where I'm sitting and I'll be glad to go over and straighten it all out. My being an honorably discharged veteran would probably be good for a sound bite.

But I've already had my 15 minutes of fame per Andy Warhol (twice). What I'm really thinking is Sarah is back in town AGAIN!!?? Wasn't sleeping through her announcement of vice president running enough of a brush with fame. Why she's stalking me yes. I'll fix HER. I'll get Logos to lend me her lawyers and put this problem to rest.

Rudi wants to know what to tell him.

Simple answer--the truth. Can't get on the highway until we get permission. The thought enters the braincells that said young lady is probably lucky the police haven't already checked her car for possible 'problems' for the entourage.

God in His infinite attention to detail and enhancing my blog which always is truthful in the main allows me to actually see the caravan driving by about five minutes later. You can tell by the lights from the limos and the police escort kind of gave it away. Ten minutes after that said daughter is on HER way and I didn't bother dear old dad to see if he was changing his vote.

But just the thought that somebody even dreamt that AAA could stop a caravan--Now that's image!!!!

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  1. Niamh's Avatar
    you are joking! Some guy actually expected you to do something about a government entourage, just so you guys could change his daughters tyre????? What an idiot!
    Oh and Rich...please dont vote fot that woman just because you think she looks like Logos!
  2. pussnboots's Avatar
    I would have liked seeing you on Oprah!!!
  3. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I just don't understand why you couldn't run out there and change that little girl's tire. Just what do they pay you for anyway? Palin shmalin, the princess needed her tire changed!
  4. andave_ya's Avatar
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Well you being in Ohio, a hotly contested battleground state, you probably have an opportunity to see all the candiates. They all are always there. When my wife and I drove to Chicago in September, we had stopped at an Ohio rest stop and there in the parking lot was the Straight Talk Express bus. I was thrilled with the hope of seeng the Senator and I took m camera out and took a few pictures of the bus and hung out waiting for him. Unfortunately he wasn't there. The bus was just parked there and he was to arrive the next day. Shucks.
  6. sprinks's Avatar
    That guy is unbelievable! .
  7. B-Mental's Avatar
    Wow, do you mean Sarah Palin is more powerful than the AAA. Unbelievable....what is the world coming to?
  8. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Ha ha ha, great entry, as always, Rich!
  9. maraki16's Avatar
    rich this entry is full of wit! i agree with kiz!!!!!!!!!