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High School

CLUE Oct. 22 08

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Well, today was a bit better than yesterday. My friend (I shall name him ragamuffin) ragamuffin paid me a buck 50 to up his grade 1 pt on homework, so he got a 69(yes, very ironic) Thus providing me with lunch money for later. Mrs. S for warned me off my board-game project due in two days... It would probably be smart to start, don't you agree?

We went over our diagramming sentences test. I failed admirably. Half the class talked with Mrs. S over their SS, the other half(my half) will talk over it tomorrow. I think I found some accidentals she put in my paper, so it should be bumped up to a C from a lowest possible D.

Oh, Mrs. S is also selling me a mini-frig she has in her room for a measly $10.00 It works and everything. So, yay me etc.