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If It Weren't For Bad Luck....

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I finally find time to log onto LitNet and I’m all excited about seeing everyone and getting to catch up on all the blogs and everything and then it hits the fan…for lack of a better phrase. You know the old saying, “if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all”? Well, I was at work this past Thursday morning and we were running around like crazy folks getting ready for the dreaded visit from the “Home Office”. We were all straightening up things and building displays and trying to make things look like we knew what we were doing. The management team takes a break at 9:15 am and meet for breakfast at Mcmart (McDonalds in Walmart) So I’m trying to eat an Egg McMuffin, taking phone calls, writing notes of what I have to get done, explaining what I have already gotten done and having my rear chewed...just the usual stuff at meetings. Anyway, I take about 10 mins. to eat and start running again to get stuff done. About 15 mins. after I leave McMart, I start having weird pains under my left rib cage. I think it's just from eating so fast so I take a acid reducer and keep going. By my lunch time, about noon, it's worse and not easing up so I thought I'd go home for my lunch break and see Poppy and then everything will be ok....he makes most things ok. But after about 30 mins. It is even worse...or I've frightened myself into thinking it's worse. So Poppy insists I go have it checked out. Well the doctors office say they won't see me because it's a “medical emergency” and send me to the E.R. I'm thinking that I'll go to the E.R., they'll give me something for indigestion and send me back to work. I end up spending the weekend in ICU!!! Here I was, hooked up to a bunch of crazy machines, nurses in and out checking on me constantly, laying in a bed that's uncomfortably, and my bottom hurting because I'm used to being on my feet 10-14 hours a day running around a 181,000 sq. ft. store, lifting heavy freight and working my rear end off! I can't believe it. I don't feel like I'm sick, I don't look sick, I actually feel pretty good after I have a nasty tasting G.I.cocktail just in case it's indigestion. I beg to be allowed to go home. I was told that since I have 7 of the 8 risk factors for heart problems the doctors won't let me go and if I leave against medical advise, my insurance won't cover the bill. So I'm stuck. Our daughter the nurse works ICU so I was getting lots of attention, which was driving me crazy. But I did have cable and a very nice room with WiFi....Poppy wouldn't bring the lap top because it might be too much stress. So I watched tv and got my blood pressure checked and my pee measured. The whole weekend! I had to do a stress test, which I passed with flying colors. I had to have pictures of my heart taken twice and each time it took 30 minutes of laying on a 15 inch wide board and not moving while some big machine was over my head. (actually not too bad because I fell asleep both times.) Any way, I got to come home late Sunday afternoon. No high blood pressure, no heart problems. It was crazy. I knew I wasn't having a heart attack but the doctors and nurses just kept telling me I was in denial. I wasn't in denial, I just had indigestion! This whole thing will probably cost $50,000 and IF I ever do have a problem with my heart, they'll just think I'm gassy! Now I have to visit my family doctor to get a final release to go back to work....and he was booked solid today so I have to wait until tomorrow. I've been a lot sicker than I have been this weekend and not even gone to the doctor. From now on, I'm going to make sure I have some Tums with me where ever I go. I hope everyone else had a great weekend.


  1. motherhubbard's Avatar
    well, mom, I'm glad you are home. What's 50 grand anyway?
  2. Granny5's Avatar
    50 grand or 50 bucks...really doesn't matter in this economy.
  3. motherhubbard's Avatar
    In that case, can I borrow 50 grand?
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    So nice to see you back Granny and so good to see it was nothing. Better that than the alternative.

    Wow, they put you in ICU without a positive identification of a heart attack? That seems unusual, or did the hospital just not have a high number of patients that day? But if you don't have high blood pressure, no heart problems, what were the seven of eight risk factors?

    It all seems strange. I mean it's good that they took no chances but it seemed they lacked common sense. Is this hospital any good?

    But it's good that you now know you're heart is perfectly sound. They've done all the tests to prove it.

    Glad you're back.
  5. Granny5's Avatar
    I think it was low patient count and the fact that I had insurance. They have to pay for the new ICU wing somehow.
    Really, Dad died of heart attack at 46, all my brothers, and I have 6, have heart disease, very high cholesterol, overweight, smoking (but I'm trying to quit...again) high stress job and homelife, and age. Plus I guess the pain was in the right place. But I do believe that if I had had no insurance, I would have not been admitted.
  6. Granny5's Avatar
    BTW, I stayed on the treadmill for 7 1/2 minutes talking the whole time. I could have gone a lot longer but they said it was over and time to go back to ICU!
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh I see. Than perhaps you should take easier Granny. I hope work is fun. That is the key to not getting affected by the stress.
  8. mtpspur's Avatar
    I think in the long run it was better to have yourself checked out. This is one of those do as I say not as I do situations though one time at work I went to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. So take care of yourself. Ruth works at Meijers which is Walmart Michigan/Ohio style so I understand a bit better what work you do. I had forgotten what your job was since you weren't teaching anymore. Best to you Rich
  9. Niamh's Avatar
    Good to see you back G5 and that everthing is okay!
  10. pussnboots's Avatar
    glad to hear all is ok.
  11. applepie's Avatar
    I was glad to hear you are doing well. Got the chance to read Mom-H's blog, but not too sure if I had the chance to reply. Take good care of yourself, and it is much better to have been checked than to find out that it was the worst:)
  12. Anza's Avatar
    I am very glad you are safe-- I was worried!
  13. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Well, maybe this bit of a scare will enable you to slow down a little, as you do work so very hard, G5. You really did have us worried. And I have read somewhere about how women feel like they have severe indigestion when it is really the on-coming of heart trouble (be it attack or what, I cannot remember). So all in all, it is not to be taken lightly - though I am so glad that you are in good health and that the scare is over. Please promise us you won't work so hard.