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about my mother

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My mom is in the hospital. She’s been there for a couple of days. I thought she went home yesterday, but she didn’t. She expects to leave tomorrow after they do a little more testing on her. Getting old must be hell. I wasn’t sure if I should mention it, but I decided to go ahead. She had some chest pain after throwing some very heavy freight at work. (Sorry mom. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Cat’s out of the bag now) She says there is nothing wrong with her and she shouldn’t have even gone to the doctor. That’s so typical of her. I think they ought to take her tonsils out while she’s in there because she’ll have to have one foot in the grave before she goes back in now. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but she was supposed to have that done last year, but she’s a big chicken and she didn’t do it. She has a million excuses but it comes down to she’s a chicken and unless tonsillitis renders her unconscious and they have to do an emergency tonsillectomy they will burry her with those infected tonsils.

I think her say at the hospital has been pleasant enough. Maybe it will be a good rest for her.


  1. LadyWentworth's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I know what it is like to have a mother who seems to want to avoid the doctor. It took me all winter to get her to go, and she finally decided that it was best (she wasn't feeling well and I knew it involved the fact that her thyroid medication had run out). I hope that your mother will be fine. In fact, I expect that she will be after having some time to relax at the hospital.
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Oh no, that is not good, M-H. Please give Granny my very best.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh my. I held my breath when I read the beginning. You don't mention if they diagnosed heart attack. I think they would know by now and you would have mentioned it. And so I'm going to think along optimistic lines here. At least they will thoroughly check her out and she will get some needed rest. Yes, it sucks growng old, and I say that not from my age (this is not my usual schtick of being the old geezer) but from having parents grow old on me. Lord knows the last few years I've had many of time taken one of them to the hospital. But it's best to be on the safe side with anyone over 55. If they experience anyone of the heart attack signs, call an ambulance. Give your mom my best wishes.
  4. papayahed's Avatar
    Give my best to Granny.
  5. mtpspur's Avatar
    I very very much hope she'll be ok. I tend to be guilty about my health concerns to puting them off that is. As to the freight--is someone MAKING her haul all that weight--that can't be good and like Virgil I was afraid of bad news. Will be in prayer for her.
  6. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. Virgil, she doesn’t think it was a heart attack and I would also think it would be diagnosed by now. They had dad’s diagnosed in a few moments. I must mention (or else) that my mom is not quite 55 yet. Rich, mom is a manager at Wal-Mart. She works with a lot of young people who could and should do the work, but they have a poor work ethic. My mom truly believes that if she works like a dog it will shame these kids into working. It hasn’t happened yet, but I doubt she gives up on them soon. When she taught her kids to have a strong work ethic there was a little more force involved and it worked very well. I told her the next time she wanted to set an example to stock the cotton balls.
  7. pussnboots's Avatar
    Oh no, I hope Mom is doing ok.
    I have to admit I also still have my tonsils. One doctor wanted to take them out and I said NO WAY!!! Yes, I am a chicken.
    Hugs to Granny and hope she is out real soon.
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    When a persn has a heart attack the body emits certain enzymes and through a quick blood test they can verify poistively or not whether one has had a heart attack. It takes but a few hours and they usually have the information before you are admited, that is while still in the emergency room. They would know by now whether your mom had a heart attack.
  9. Anza's Avatar
    Oh, I hope she gets better... and you should talk to her doctors about the tonsils, and get it done while she's there. She may be a *little* unhappy, though...
    As for her job, and coworkers it's a shame she can't smack 'em around a little. I'm sure she wouldn't have to lift heavy things like that again.
    Everything will work out, though, my friend. Be strong.
  10. sprinks's Avatar
    I hope she is okay . She doesn't want to get her tonsils out, and I want mine out! . My dad won't let me though. Even though the doctor said I have to. I'd be really scared to get it done anywho. Well, I hope she is doing okay, and that all the rest of you are too
  11. Countess's Avatar
    You need to kick Granny's *** MH. She's foolish for unloading trucks at her age, esp with smoking. She's quit, right? Tell her I'm gonna chew her a new one if she doesn't start taking care of herself.
    I'll also be praying for her and wishing her well.
  12. andave_ya's Avatar
    Send my love to her; she's definitely in my prayers.
  13. Niamh's Avatar
    i hope G5 is feeling better soon. i can understand her reservations about getting her tonsils out. Apparently it gets trickier with age. I had mine out when i was four and was in hospital for two days. I've known a handful of people who got them out in their twenties and had to stay in for a week. I also know someone who, for health reasons, will have to live with having tonsilitis every few months for the rest of her life, and spend three days in hospital each time.
    Any way this not what i'm posting here for. I'm posting to say let your mam know that her online extended family all wish her well and a speedy recovery.
  14. qimissung's Avatar
    Hope your Mom is better soon!
  15. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Mom's home tonight. Her stress test results were great. She goes to the Dr. tomorrow and I'm guessing that things will be back to normal after that- unless Countess comes and kicks her bum. If that happens I'll try to post a video on YouTube!
  16. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I so hope that she takes it easier at work and that those people who work for her will do their share of the workload. Shame on them! With much love from K♥zzo