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Half the time


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So, I had my first exam yesterday (in chemistry). To be honest, I have no clue how I did on it- which is kind of weird since I usually have a pretty good idea on how I do on my exams. This time, I spent a whole fifteen minutes figuring out what the heck he was asking in his questions. Anyways I either did pretty well or messed up horribly; either way, I'm glad it's over with since I was stressing about it all this week and most of last. I still really like chem, but the way the prof's teaching it, if I were back in highschool it'd be one of those classes where I'd do the minimum work to squeeze by with a B+/A- (like English senior year- my teacher that year was so bad she almost made me hate reading).

Also had my first essay due today. It's so weird. At first I was really excited about it, but every time I started writing it, I ended up hating everything I wrote. Deleted it and started the cycle over again. Didn't really have much time for it the past few days, then finished it last night. Then I deleted it this morning because I realized how horrible it was. So I basically wrote it in the hour and a half between my morning and afternoon class when it was due. Oh well, at least it was better than all my other drafts combined (luckily, I work relatively well under pressure).
Oh and next week I have three exams and two lab reports due, so this weekend is going to be super fun (not).

I've been soo tired lately . More so than usual I mean. Half the time, even waking up in the morning takes so much effort that I want to cry. Worse thing is, even if I get 8+ hours of sleep- which is pretty rare- it still doesn't help a whole lot.
On the bright side, I absolutely love my dorm this year (even though it's pretty far from a lot of my classes) and my roommate's pretty nice so that's great. Oh and my genetics class in the best class ever (...along with physics). It's just so cool and I've learned so much so far and the prof- whom I had for bio- is still as awesome as I remember. And my sister started college (lucky brat, she got to stay in the city ) and she loves it so far- even though she didn't want to go there initially. Sisters.

...I'll stop rambling now (except for one last thing- every time I see this, I start laughing so much )
How's every else being doing?


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Sounds like your getting the sophmore blues Same. This is when school really gets tough. Sophmore year might actually be the hardest. I know what you mean about certain science class tests. In a liberal arts test question if you know even a little bit one can kind of B.S. your way to a B- type of answer or better if you're lucky. But with a science test question like your chemistry test, even if you know the material very well and for some reason you don't understand the question you can get the whole thing wrong and get no partial credit. Good thing you work well under pressure on that essay. I hope you got good grades. Let us know. As to you being tired, are you getting any exercise? Some exercise can make you feel more invigorated. Plus make sure your eating healthy. Sorry to be an old Polonius and give you advice. Take care.
  2. samercury's Avatar
    But I mostly liked sophomore year in high school. True (unfortunately). Worst part- the question that I was a bit confused about is worth 10 points (on a 100-point exam) and when I asked him what he meant he just said "it says what it says, you'll figure it out" and just smiled- very helpful . I'm kind of used to working under pressure now- not a good thing since that means that I haven't yet failed anything... which would motivate me to stop procrastinating, which I'm working on. I'm getting plenty of exercise (couldn't not happen even if I wanted to since I'm in the middle of nowhere). I try to eat healthy most of the time (but some days it's too much work). I love getting advice
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I love getting advice
    That's good because I love giving it. Don't you hate teachers like that chemistry teacher. Hmm, let's hope you did well.
  4. samercury's Avatar
    Yup- if it was a subject I hated, I wouldn't have cared either way, but it's chemistry! Thanks, I really hope so