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Hablas espanol - anyone?

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He sent me this poem but Google mucked up the translation. For one it says he's a girl - (-:

Seré yo el joven que hace sus sueños dulces como la hidromiel?
O es el igneo destello de sus ojos al recordarme el acusador?
Quién es el mas bravo pirata para juzgar mi sín razón,
que llevandola en mi almohada la pienso como un don...?

Updated 10-18-2008 at 04:17 AM by Countess



  1. Countess's Avatar
    Ooh, he translated for me:

    Ill be the young man who makes your dreams as the sweet mead?
    Or is the igneous glimmer of your eyes to remind me the accuser?
    Who is the most brave pirate to judge my no-reason,
    that carry you in my pillow I think of you like a gift... ?
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    well, I think that if you have a friend that is all about literature he should hang out maybe at....THE LITNET! are you afraid to bring him around the "letnet family?"
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Very pretty. He must be smitten.
  4. Countess's Avatar
    He must be smitten, Virgil? Oh, I am so smitten, I might smite others. (-:
    I told him he makes me feel like a girl of 16 and he said I make him feel like a man of 30. (-:
    I have permagrin. People at work are going to think I've been smoking dope all day!
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    I am happy for you.
  6. andave_ya's Avatar
    that is absolutely splendid!