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Funny how things seem to be longer then they really are.

First thing first...

I WENT TO MY FIRST DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was wonderful!!!! oh so beautifully wonderful! i stink at it, of course my friends said i was good, but it was so much fun! i basically dance for three hours straight! We danced the walts, cha-cha, two step, something else, and the polka! when i "danced" the polka, me and my partner, after like the second step, ran into somebody! He hurt his leg and i felt so bad. the way this dance works is that, first, basically boys can only ask the girls. they can't ask the girl everytime, perferibly after maybe 6-8 other dances. A girl cannot refuse one boy then dance with another with the same song... it's an awsome way to get to know people!
one of the cool things is that you can feel how different people dance, however odd that may sound. for example, the first boy i danced with was very stiff ( and he was so lean and bony!), his movements where very percise which i guess was a good thing but it was kinda hard to really get into the song when your steps where so jointed. then i dance with another kid, Zack, he was absolutely wonderful! and not only was he fun to dance with but he also gave me some pointers and helped me keep time as i danced. then there was another kid, even better, but the problem was that even though i felt really part of the song, he was litterally to good for me and i know i looked so terrible with him!
I think my favorite person i danced with, i might as well admit it, was this kid named, if i remember correctly, Steven. I danced with him three times... We got along real well and we talked the whole time while we danced together. I was so flattered that he asked me so many times. My dad wasn't so happy. lol!
Then their was this other boy, the one who i danced with while doing the polka. he was very soft spoken so after wards we pulled a little to the side so we could hear each other. (the music was very loud). We stood in a corner and chatted. i thought it might look a little odd, but then brushed the thought out of my mind. BAD IDEA. After about two minutes of conversation outside of the crowd another kid told us that maybe we should go back and let me dance with other people. Needless to say, i felt embarresed and kinda stupid. he asked me if i wanted to dance with him again, but i had to refuse because of the "rules" of the dance. He looked so disappointed, i almost felt bad. To end this paragraph with a happy ending, i danced the last dance with him.
Then there was another kid, whose name slips my mind. I danced with him once at the begining then later toward the middle, when no one had asked me, he came up and asked again and when he did he said, "YOu looked rather lonely." i'm still debating if i liked that comment. i kinda felt that the only reason he was dancing with me was because he felt sorry for me. but at the same time i'm happy he carred. oh well, only he knows.
Then, this is the last of my stoies of the dance, i danced with the one kid named Seth. I knew him because he was a friend of one of my good friends and i had seen him several times at our church. So when he asked me to dance, after a accepted, i asked him if he knew these friends. He looked pleasently suprised when i asked him that and he answered,"Yes... How did you know?"
"You've come to my church." I said flately.
"Oh." Was his reply, he had this really blank expression on his face. He looked like he felt stupid. Our conversation went on.
"So what grade are you in?" He asked.
"Er... What's that again? I've always been kinda confused about that." He said.
"Softmore.... I think." I answered hesitently, we both chuckled. "What about you?"
"I'm in collage." He answered.
My turn to feel real stupid.
"How old are you?" He can't be that old i thought as i asked that question.
"I'm 16." And he's in collage!!!
"Whoa... I still have three years to go!" I exclaimed.
"Oh, man... Well i know some kids that graduated at 12."
That is unnautral! lol! i mean, imagine how smart those kids had to be! holly cow!

alright that's all i think about the dance... as i said before, it was wonderful!

Peace out,
Rock on,

P.s. Hey, pray for my dad, he's in the hospital right now with a really bad stomach blockage.

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  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Here's hoping good news for your dad. Glad your first dance went well and you will have warm memories of it.
  2. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I'm glad you had a great time and i'm sorry to hear about your dad. I hope all is well soon
  3. Dark Muse's Avatar
    I have never been to a dance before, but I know from taking dance lessons. I don't like dancing with guys that are either shorter then me, or too skinny, becasue then I feel like Godzella, becasue I am not little miss, delicate and petite.
  4. pussnboots's Avatar
    sounds like you had a real nice time.
    Hope your Dad gets better real soon.
  5. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I really enjoyed reading about your experience at the dance, Shurtzie! And glad that you had such a nice time.
    I hope that all goes well for your dad, I was sorry to read that he is ill. Please take care, K♥zzo
  6. toni's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing adventures (and misadventures ) of your first dance, Shurtzie! Seems that you had tons of fun!

    On another note, I'm sorry to hear about your father. I'll pray for his speedy recovery.
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Well that sounds wonderful Shurty. I bet the boys were more scared than you.
  8. Shurtugal's Avatar
    thanks to everyone for you wonderful comments!
    An update on my dad is that he's getting better. the blockage is clearing up.
    Virgil, yes because i'm so terrifying!!!!
    toni, i had a terrible fun time!
    kiz paws, i had just as much fun writting it... and being
    pussnboots, yes i did.
    darkmuse, same here... so it so happened that the favorite person i danced with, steven, was actually shorter then me. for some reason i get along with shorter
    motherhubbard,mtspure, thank you.