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The Pain from Cupid

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I wrote this about a year and half ago. Please be honest.
The Pain from Cupid

The points of Cupid
Makes many stupid
Whether it is at night
Or in the bright daylight
Whether it feels right
Or just happens without delay.
It hurts deep inside for she may
Tell you she feels the same way
Or she might instead go away.
Time has no effect on the poisonous tips
Or the pain that caused the long night and hardships
Of his short, sharp arrows.
So watch out for Eros.
The love is deep and real.
The face does not reveal
The pain that does not stop.
Talking does not help, nor a teardrop
Though music is listened through,
And poems are written, too.
The person maybe quiet or whining
The body feels the effects of the pining.


  1. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Haha, I quite enjoyed it.
  2. LC_Lancer's Avatar
    Thank you. I wrote it as a serious piece, but if it gave you a laugh and made you think, then I have done my job.
  3. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Don't worry too much, I have an unusual and somewhat twisted sense of humur. It would not be the first time I got a chuckle from something not meant to be funny.
  4. LC_Lancer's Avatar
    I will not worry too much about your “twisted sense of humor” because I have one, too. I will take it that your “Haha” came from a place that I touched with the poem that made you feel comfortable. I can live with that.