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Likes and Dislikes: Books

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Letís start on the literature front. I did not like reading at all until the ninth grade.
I can still remember the name of the book that I first read for pleasure, my friend who loaned the book to me, the classroom, my position in the classroom, the subject, and the teacherís name on that fateful day.
After that day, I read everything I got my hands on. I could not get enough. I read newspapers, magazines, and books in the library I previously ignored. That is when I found John Norman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allan Poe books.

John Norman: His books are not for the faint at heart. He writes adventure tales with a slight twist. I began reading his Gor series in high school and did not catch up with the end until a week before graduation of college. I was ridiculed for my choice of books and my parents were chastised for letting me read them at a young age. It is because of the cover art of those books that I began laying any book I am currently reading face down even if it is not a fantastic as the Gor books.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: This was the first biography I picked up to read. There was no reason for me to choose it, so I guess we could say it chose me. I read all of the books, stories, and papers he wrote. More importantly, I wanted to read them. I started with Sherlock Holmes first mystery: Study in Scarlet. I felt the characters jump off the pages and I could see them walk around. I was in love with the way he wrote and the ease of the characters interacted with each other.

Edgar Allan Poe: I was told by the school librarian that he used to live in Virginia so I was instantly intrigued. I read a few stories, but soon felt bored (remember I was a teenager). I took a course of Southern Literature at the College and a major piece of the course was EAP. We read many of his stories, poems, and critiques (sometimes two or more a week) then we would discuss them. Sometimes, I would be the lone dissenter on a particular topic (nothing has changed). I had several assignments, one project, and even chose the largest exam question on EAP for that class. After that class, I re-read all of the stories and poems we had discussed in class. I then continued to read the other stories, poems, and even the novel.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Wow--John Norman brings back memories. I made it thru the first two books but Priest Kings of Gor defeated me. John Carter of Mars our lusty hero ISN'T. After two or three pages devoted on whether to put a lady in or out of a cage sent me back to reading Shadow pulps big time.
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  2. LC_Lancer's Avatar
    To be very honest, the discussion of placing her in a cage did not thrill me either, the whole world of Gor did. I took some of the things I did not like because I loved some of the other things in the books.
  3. mtpspur's Avatar
    Understand the concept of picking aspects of a series to like and dislike. Perfect example would be the old Bomba the Jungle Boy books. As a child all I remembered was being thrilled with the constant battles with cayman alligators and snakes of all kinds. As an older reader was amazed at the rascism going on behind the scenes. Bomba has a soul because he's white for example. Sigh. Afraid to recheck the Bobbsey Twins.