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I'm figuring it out...slowly

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It took me a week to "get used to" LJ - give me that much for this new format, please. Once I'm proficient at it I'll show up at your door every day. (-:

The Change-Averse Countess


  1. motherhubbard's Avatar
    I'm so glad you warmed up to it!
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    Well chills are still dancing up and down my spine due to my lazy attitude towards computers in general.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Hey stranger. Nice to see ya. Stop by more often.
  4. Anza's Avatar
    Hi, Countess! long time, no see!
  5. applepie's Avatar
    Nice to see you dropping in:)
  6. andave_ya's Avatar
    gooooooooooood!!! I miss you!
  7. B-Mental's Avatar
    Well, maybe you can clue those of us that haven't figured it out quite yet. LOL B
  8. Morden's Avatar
    Hi Countess,
    Hope things are going well for you out there in the silence.
    I swing by every so often looking for word.