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Lovely Bookcases...

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I, like the rest of you, I assume, have a ridiculous, incredible amount of books. It really is getting crazy. Anyway, I just moved out of an apartment on which every wall had a built in bookcase. The whole thing was filled with books. It was lovely. But I digress- I moved to a duplex with NO BOOKCASES. I am chronically broke- don't read this too closely, you may catch it *COUGH COUGH*- so cannot buy any.

Now the real story sets in. My well-meaning aunt has a widower friend. His wife was an avid reader, god rest her bibliophilic soul, and he wants to give me her cases!

I know what you're thinking- JACKPOT! In addition, he wants to give me any of her books I want. I got some lovely books, but that is not the point.

The point is I got the cases home and they are falling apart, mildewy, spider web covered, and horrid. I spent 4 hours scrubbing them with Murphy's oil soap, and some mildew remains. Alas! I may be defeated! Never let it be said that fortune does not have a cost. (The cost, for those who are afraid to catch my chronic illness and may not have been paying attention, is scrubbing away mildew)... *SIGH


  1. andave_ya's Avatar
    ohhh! Well, the books are nice!! But four hours scrubbing... you poor thing.
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    You are better then I. I would constantly believe I never got all the mildew out and just would have been unable to bring myself to use them. Sigh